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75+ Armchair Travel Experiences: Virtual Tours & More!

We live in crazy times. Our big beautiful world is facing challenges the likes of which we have never seen or experienced before. From global warming to global pandemics, fires to floods – and even locusts(!), the extinction of animal species, exponential population growth and diminishing natural resources (just to name a few – and all of which are too big to deal with here!)
And when it comes to exploring this incredible world, mass over-tourism (until the start of 2020) was and is threatening to destroy some of our most loved and cherished sights and cities. As a response to our current situation armchair travel is becoming more and more important – both to our sanity and the tourism industry!

The term armchair travel has been traditionally used to refer to seniors and the elderly, unable to travel and so attempting to see the world from their living room; with virtual travel being used for the younger crowd, and even more so with the improvements in VR (virtual reality). But at times like this, terminology doesn’t matter. What does matter is that while domestic and international travel has been banned by governments around the world, the tourism industry has stepped up to try and offer some virtual relief in the form of live streams, webcams and 360-degree virtual tours. However finding then can be a bit of a hit and miss affair depending on how well they are marketed.

And that’s where we come in. As someone who is currently in lockdown myself, and looking for ways to virtually travel from home, live streams of incredible places in the world have become my daily escape. From ‘diving’ the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to Walking along the Great Wall of China; from going to the Ballet in London or watching Baby Goats in Indiana. I love that I can hop online and see our beautiful world continuing on around us. And I hope that by putting together a directory of armchair travel live streams and virtual tours and travel experiences in major destinations around the world, you will find a little bit of escapism too.

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Armchair Travel & Virtual Travel - Live streams and virtual tours to let you travel the world from home 
Almost all posts on this site contain Affiliate links, and this one about armchair travel featuring 75+ live streams and virtual tours to help you travel from home while the world is closed is no different. This means that if you click on any of the links in this post (and make a purchase) I may receive a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. Each post is carefully crafted to (hopefully!) answer all your questions and recommendations are made where we believe they will improve your trip and help with your planning. As such we thank you in advance should you decide to click & buy.
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Armchair Travel – A Complete Guide to Live Streams & Virtual Travel Around the World

*Editors note: Whilst we are all in lockdown and unable to travel, the natural world is showing signs of recovery (improvement in air quality in China and Europe, pollution levels in New York are down, wildlife is making a resurgence etc) but many human-centric industries are suffering in its wake – including the tourism industry. For tourism businesses such as hotels and tour companies, restaurants and airlines, travel agents – and travel blogs – a global lockdown has been catastrophic on a scale no one could have predicted, and dependant on how long this crisis lasts could be the reason some of these organizations and travel companies don’t exist when we return to some semblance of normality (although I would encourage everyone to think about exactly what parts of ‘normal’ they want to bring back). 

As a way keep tourism alive and to support those in the industry local to you there are a few things you can do: use takeaway options from cafes and restaurants (direct from the supplier if possible), shop small/shop local via online stores and share small businesses that need help with your friends. And for those further away, postpone don’t cancel your reservations; buy gift certificates for future travel experience, leave online reviews from past stays (they may not help now, but will certainly help build confidence when the industry starts to recover) – and please please please keep reading your favorite travel blogs (like this one!)

Keep planning those dream vacations and click through your favorite websites for travel inspiration, because when the world opens it’s doors again, you might want to be ready and excited to jump back into travel as soon it is safe to do so. (I know I will!)

But until then, let’s keep travel alive through armchair travel, virtual reality and 360 degree tours – and if you know of a great virtual travel resource or live feed that we haven’t included in this list, let us know in the comments below so we can add it in!



Thompsons Gazelle in Maasai Mara (c) MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld
Ok, so Africa is clearly a continent rather than a country, but if you want to see wild animals in their natural habitats in various National Parks across east and southern Africa – these Safari cams are exactly where you need to be. Whilst the cameras are placed as well as they can be to maximize animal sighting, you may need to be prepared to click through a few different webcams to find the animals – they are wild after all.

And if that’s not enough, you could virtually hike Kenya’s Mount Kilimanjaro!


 Armchair Travel in Australia 

Melbourne & Victoria

  • Take virtual tours at both the Melbourne Museum and the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV)
  • Spend an hour at the symphony: Melbourne Symphony Orchestra broadcast live & delayed performances
  • Zoos Victoria have a range of live webcams to watch our furry friends, from snow leopard cubs (eep!) to koalas, lions to zebras and quite a few in between.
  • Take in an aerial tour of the 12 Apostles and other natural features along Australias favorite coastal drive at The Great Ocean Road
  • Take a peek under the coastline with ReefCam at Port Phillip Bay – or the view from above

Northern Territory

Sydney & New South Wales


Western Australia


Rio de Janeiro Group Tour

  • Grab a Caipirinha and transport yourself to Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro in one click.


Virtual Tours in Cambodia - Angkor

  • The temples of the incredible Angkor Wat complex have never been so accessible. Explore in VR here & here.


Virtual Travel in Canada


Virtual Travel in China - The Great Wall


Armchair Travel in France


Virtual Travel in India - The Taj Mahal

  • Virtually Visit the impressive Taj Mahal that typically sees millions of visitors each year.


Grand Canal in Venice


Western Wall surrounded by people, to the right is the walkway to the Temple Mount and Dome of the Rock sits on the raised platform at the back of the shot

  • The Inbal is a luxury hotel in Jerusalem, overlooking the old city – and their rotating webcam gives you a birdseye view of the holy city from dawn to dusk.
  • The Postcards from Israel YouTube series takes would-be tourists on a virtual tour on this incredible country, with different sites in each video.
Essential Israel Travel Tips | Things to do in Jerusalem | Things to do in Tel Aviv | Hiking Masada


Mount Fuji Tokyo Day Trip

  • Japan went all out when they started to focus on armchair travel and you can see the whole country in Virtual Reality!
  • There is also a webcam of the famously busy (but currently very quiet) Shibuya Crossing; and
  • Webcams of the Niseko Snow Village
Tokyo | Osaka | Tohoku | Onsen Culture | Sushi for Beginners


Aerial shot of the Pullman Maldives

Plan the Perfect Maldives Vacation – whatever your budget!


Virtual Tours in Nepal

  • Virtually do something millions never can or will: Explore Everest Base Camp in High Definition!


Machu Pichu in Virtual Reality

  • Explore Machu Picchu in HD (without the 4-day hike to see one of the worlds most beautiful sights)


Catherine Palace St Petersburg

UK & Ireland

top things to do in London


Yosemite NP - Best place to visit in the United States of America


  • Witness the majesty of the Grand Canyon without leaving your sofa with GoogleEarth!





  • Head to the Theme Parks and hop on a rollercoaster! YouTube channels such as CoasterForce and iThemePark allow you to tour the parks and virtually ride the coasters without needing to leave your living room (or buy a ticket!)
  • Leave the planet entirely with the Housten Space Centre app – offering interactive tours, virtual reality experiences and various app-based exhibits to help you get among the stars.
  • Need a little beach time in your virtual life? Check the webcam at Clearwater Beach and enjoy this little slice of paradise from your sofa.


  • Watch the underwater world of the Georgia Aquarium, or check-in via webcam on a whole heap of sea creatures.


  • Hit the beach with the Waimea Bay Live Webcam. Sand, sunsets, and waves. Apart from actually being there, what more could you want?


  • Who knew you needed a live stream of baby goats in your life? It’s cuteness at a click whenever you need a boost!


New Mexico

New York

Best places to Visit in America - New York City

South Carolina


  • How cute are Otters?! Watch them frolic on OtterCam at the Tennessee Aquarium.

Washington D.C.



And that’s a wrap folks – for now at least(!) We hope you have found some exotic place to virtually travel to or just by clicking a few of the live-stream links listed here you are getting the hang on modern-day armchair travels! And if you know of a travel-inspiration worthy virtual travel experience or 360° virtual tour from around the world please let us know, and we will add it to this list. We hope that this will turn into the most complete armchair travel resource on the web – which will be useful even after the global travel ban!

And if you know of anyone going stir crazy at home (who isn’t at the moment?!) or has got a travel itch they just can’t scratch – be sure to share this post with them or on social media. It can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Flipboard or, by grabbing the image below, Pinterest. Hopefully they can virtually travel to their dream destination with the help of this list and scratch that daily travel itch!

Armchair Travel_ 75+ Virtual Travel Experiences from Around the World

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