Roadtrip USA – Coast to Coast in 3-4 Weeks

Possibly one of the most epic (in my opinion!) road trips you could ever take if you had 3-4 weeks in the USA. Travel coast to coast from Los Angeles to New York crossing 12 states and checking out some of the amazing highlights this huge and diverse country has to offer. We’ve listed the top attractions at each stop along the way along with recommendations for where to stay.  So what are you waiting for – use this all American itinerary to start planning your 3 or 4 week USA Road Trip today! And psst. this itinerary can be done in this time, but if you have longer it can easily be more spaced out and relaxed! this is your ultimate road trip planner for the USA

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USA Road Trip

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Santa Monica: 34.019454, -118.491191
Los Angeles: 34.052234, -118.243685
Las Vegas: 36.169941, -115.139830
Zion National Park: 37.298202, -113.026300
Grand Canyon: 36.106965, -112.112997
Monument Valley: 36.997865, -110.098567
Horseshoe Bend: 36.880054, -111.510270
Antelope Canyon: 36.861910, -111.374330
Santa Fe: 35.686975, -105.937799
Roswell: 33.394266, -104.523024
Carlsbad Caverns: 32.147855, -104.556714
Luckenbach: 30.181505, -98.755760
San Antonio: 29.424122, -98.493628
Austin: 30.267153, -97.743061
Sam Housten Jones State Park: 30.300346, -93.263756
New Orleans: 29.951066, -90.071532
Graceland: 35.047691, -90.026049
Memphis: 35.149534, -90.048980
Nashville: 36.162664, -86.781602
George Washington & Jefferson State Forest: 37.625165, -79.513024
Washington DC: 38.907192, -77.036871
Philadelphia: 39.952584, -75.165222
New York: 40.712784, -74.005941
USA Road Trip 3 4 weeks itinerary

As I would recommend making this coast to coast USA Road trip across a minimum of 3 weeks, I have split this itinerary into 3 sections. I’ll cover the highlights of each marker, travel times between each and add suggestions for other things in the area. If you intend on driving all the way across the USA let this be your ultimate American road trip planner!

Psst. All ready to go? Don’t forget to run through our Road Trip Packing List to make sure you have got all the essentials!


Coast to Coast USA Roadtrip – LA to New York in 3-4 Weeks

Week 1 – West USA Road trip Itinerary: California, Nevada, Utah & Arizona.

The route: usa roadtrip. coast coast roadtrip.
Santa Monica – Los Angeles – Las Vegas – Zion National Park – Horseshoe Bend – Antelope Canyon – Grand Canyon National Park – Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park  usa road trip planner

1. Santa Monica

Road trip USA Santa Monica

Boasting a laid back beach atmosphere with 8 districts offering great shopping, dining and activities in a 8.3 sq mile area, Santa Monica is the perfect small town (very close to the big city!) to ease into your coast-to-coast USA road trip.

Highlights: Santa Monica Pier, Pacific Park, Third Street Promenade

In the area: Venice Beach, Muscle Beach, Palisades Park, Trapeze School of NY (on the pier)

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Road trip USA Venice Beach

Next Stop: Los Angeles – Travel Time: 45minutes – 1 hour (just a little journey to start you off – but could be longer with that famous LA traffic!)


2. Los Angeles

Roadtrip USA Hollywood

Absolutely one of my favorite United States destinations – from Hollywood Hills to Rodeo Drive there are a plethora of famous places, famous people and famous stories to be discovered. Definately the home of celebrity! There is so much to see and do in LA that I would recommend spending a few days here before ‘officially’ setting off on your roadtrip. Head over to my LA Guide for the full city guide, hints and tips.

Highlights: Hollywood/The Hollywood Hills Sign, Chinese Theater, Take a Beverley Hills Tour, Rodeo Drive, Walk of Fame, The Original Farmers Market USA Road Trip. USA Roadtrip.



USA Road Trip Itinerary USA Itinerary 4 weeks

In the area: Guitar Center Rockwalk, Staples Center, Disneyland, Universal Studios, La Brea Tar Pits, Griffin Park & Observatory

Related: if your a fan of the La Brea Tar Pits you could always go Hunting Mammoths in Florida

Next Stop: Las Vegas – Travel Time: 4-4.5 hours

3. Las Vegas

Roadtrip USA Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas!! I can’t even say Vegas without the dulcet tones of Elvis echoing in my ears. It really is the bright light city that sets your soul on fire. Another destination that can just not be covered in full in this little post, head on over to my Las Vegas City Guide for everything awesome about this city in the desert.

Highlights: Everything!! Las Vegas Sign, The Strip, The Stratosphere Adrenalin Rides, Freemont Street Experience, Bellagio Fountains, The Gun StoreRoadtrip USA

In the area: Beautiful Casino’s, Amazing Shows, Cabarets Performances, Fabulous Shopping- there’s something for everyone – and can you believe I didn’t make one single bet whilst I was there! Read our guide to the top things to do in Las Vegas (besides gambling!) here!USA Road Trip. USA Roadtrip. Coast Coast Roadtrip.


Roadtrip USA Las Vegas.Next Stop: Zion National Park – Travel Time: 2.5 – 3 hours USA Roadtrip

4. Zion National Park

Roadtrip USA Zion National Park

The first national/state park on this roadtrip, Zion is also  the first National Park in Utah and boasts sandstone cliffs are both beautiful and breathtaking. Be it walking through the base or climbing to the highest point, every perspective is worth it. And if you’re lucky you may spot one of the 69 species of mammals, 208 birds, 29 reptiles, 6 amphibians or 9 fish, that call Zion NP their home.

Highlights: Angel’s Landing & The Riverwalk

RELATED: Time for a detour? If you love National Parks why not check out Arches National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park on your US Road Trip

WHERE TO STAY in/at Zion National Park:

Want to know more? Read Visiting Zion National Park and Popular Hikes

USA Road Trip Itinerary 3-4 Weeks: Angels Landing in Zion NP

Next Stop: Horseshoe Bend – Travel Time: 2 hours

If you want to know more about Utah click here to read more about Backpacking Northern Utah


5 & 6: Horseshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon.

Roadtrip USA Horseshoe

Perfect in the lead up to the Grand Canyon – Horseshoe Bend is stunning in its own right. It is one of the most photographed areas of the Colarado River  (there are even websites dedicated to how to get the best photographs!) and its not hard to see why. It is one pretty special riverbend!

Just a short 20 minute hop away is Antelope Canyon where you can get up close and personal to some beautiful rock formations in one of the few slot canyons in the area.

WHERE TO STAY For Horseshoe bend/antelope canyon:

Roadtrip USA Antelope

In the area: Lake Powell

Next Stop: Grand Canyon – Travel Time: 2 hours

7. Grand Canyon National Park.

Roadtrip USA Grand Canyon

The 15th oldest National park in the USA, the Grand Canyon is both one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Grand Canyon is 277 river miles (446km) long, up to 18 miles (29km) wide and 1 mile (1.6km) deep. Described by some as simply ‘a hole in the ground’ it is most definitely something to see. USA Roadtrip. USA Road Trip.

Highlights: Skywalk, Helicopter Rides, Park Orientation Film @ Visitor Center, Rafting

Next Stop: Monument Valley – Travel Time: 3 hours

WHERE TO STAY IN/At The Grand Canyon:


8. Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park.

Roadtrip USA Monument

Described as on of the most majestic and most photographed points on the planet, the tranquility that surrounds you whilst standing on Navajo hallowed ground is something that words cannot describe. USA Road Trip. Coast to Coast Road trip.

You are able to make your own way around some on the main monuments on the self-guided scenic drive – but don’t. Take a guided tour and learn what the land means to its traditional owners and the significance that the formations have for the Navajo people. If you’re lucky, you’ll be taken to a Hogan – a traditional Navajo home, built in harmony with the land and that represents the universe and all things in it.

Roadtrip USA Monument Valley

Highlights: Make you stay overnight – the sunset and dusk photography opportunities are amazing! And make sure you stop on on your way out for the iconic snap of the road from ‘Forest Gump’. USA Roadtrip. USA Road Trip. Coast Coast Road trip USA Itinerary 4 weeks

WHERE TO STAY For Monument Valley:

Roadtrip USA Monument Forest Gump

Next Stop: Santa Fe – Travel Time: 6-6.5 hours…




Week 2: Southern USA road trip itinerary: New Mexico, Texas & Louisiana

USA Itinerary 3 Weeks South USA Roadtrip

The route:
Santa Fe – Roswell – Carlsbad caverns – luckenbach – San Antonio- Austin – Sam Houston Jones state park – new Orleans


9. Santa Fe, New Mexico

USA Itinerary 3 Weeks

Museums and Art Galleries galore and nearly 300 sunny days per year, Santa Fe is a historic, laid back town perfect for a few days recuperation enjoying the mix of Hispanic and Native American culture.

Highlights: Cathedral Basilica of St Francis of Assisi, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, Palace of the Governors, Canyon Road

In the area: Kasha-Katuwe Tent Rocks National Monument, rafting on the Rio Grande & Rio Chama

Next Stop: Roswell – Travel Time: 3.5 hours


RELATED: This route is often run as a group tour if you don’t fancy going it alone – check out the best tours on every continent to see if an organized tour a good option for you.


10. Roswell

Road trip in south USA - Roswell New Mexico

OK, so the picture above may not be an entirely truthful representation of Roswell (there’s a lot more buildings!), but you get the idea. Most commonly associated with the ‘UFO Incident’ in 1947 (or the sci-fi TV series screened between 1999-2002) the town is a living museum to its claim to fame – they even have an Alien on their town emblem! Walking down main street there are ufo replicas hanging off buildings and alien themed everything. You don’t have to stay long – but stop here for an hour or so and soak up some long running conspiracy theories –  you never know, you might be invited to the *real* Area 51.

Next Stop: Carlsbad Caverns National Park – Travel Time: 2 hours



11. Carlsbad Caverns National park

Coast to Coast USA Road Trip - Carlsbad Caverns

Created when sulfuric acid dissolved the limestone rock, 199 known caves have been found deep below the surface showcasing a huge array of natural stalagmite’s. With a 750ft descent/ascent, you should have at least a basic level of fitness but it is definitely worth if for the self-guided walk through the various caverns and chambers and with a constant temperature of 13 degrees don’t forget to take a lite jumper/jacket.

My highlight however is one that only happens between April-May and late October/November – the Bat Flights. Just prior to sunset, take a seat in the amphitheater outside the mouth of one of the caves and watch a the Brazillian free-tailed bats swirl in a vortex as they exit the cave in search of dinner. To hear the bats wings only meters away from you is something you will never forget and it is just a spectacular sight. No electronic devices are permitted so you won’t find pictures or film of this phenomenon – it has to be seen with your own eyes. For those early risers, you can also watch the bats return between 4-6am – watch as they dart into the cave at speeds of up to 25mph/40kmp! Incredible!

Highlights: Main Chamber & Bat Flights.

Next Stop: Luckenbach, Texas – Travel Time: 6-6.5 hours

WHERE TO STAY For Carlsbad Caverns:


12. Luckenbach

Road trip USA Luckenbach - 3 week USA Itinerary - Coast to coast USA

Enter the little town that has more soul and tradition per step than anywhere I have visited in the USA. With two main building – one housing a (deregistered) post office, general store and saloon (bar), the other a good old fashioned dance hall, its like stepping back in time. Stay here over the weekend, grab your stetson and dance the night away to some great live country music on Saturday night and relax with fellow visitors on Sunday afternoons – some of whom bring instruments and take turns entertaining the crowd. And don’t forget – “Everyone is someone in Luckenbach.”

Highlights: Live country music

Next Stop: San Antonio – Travel Time: 1 hour

WHERE TO STAY for Luckenbach:


13. San Antonio

Roadtrip USA Planner

Rich in colonial heritage and proud of its deep southern roots, San Antonio is a beautiful city perfect for exploring. Educate yourself at the Alamo Shrine, a monument to Texan history before enjoying the unusual urban sanctuary that is the Riverwalk. Meander around the tree lines banks and eat and shop to your heart’s content. Finish your evening at Howl at the Moon – a dual-ling piano bar where some extremely talented performers take requests submitted on dollar bills and crowd sing along. If you have never been to a piano bar, you’re definitely missing out!

Highlights: The Alamo, Howl at the Moon,  Riverwalk

In The Area: Golf @ Brackenridge Park, Six Flags Texas, Schlitterbahn Waterpark & Resort

Next Stop: Austin – Travel Time: 1.5 hours



14. Austin

Roadtrip USA Austin

Texas’ state capital claims to be the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’ – and spending an evening on Sixth Street will leave you in no doubt of this – but Austin has so much more to offer. Museums, Parks and beautiful architecture combine together along the banks of the Colarado River to showcase this modern metropolis. Click to read our Ultimate City Guide to Austin, Tx packed with recommendations of things to do, where to stay and where to eat!

Highlights: Sixth Street, LadyBird Lake Hike & Bike Trail

Roadtrip USA Austin

In The Area: Barton Springs Pool, Umlauf Sculpture Park & Museum, George Washington Carver Museum

Want more information about Austin – check out this Shortcut Guide to Austin

Next Stop: Sam Houston Jones State Park, Louisiana – Travel Time: 5 hours



15. Sam Houston Jones State Park

Roadtrip USA Sam Houston

An overnight stop suggestion to break up the long drive to the next main stop on this coast to coast tour. I really enjoyed camping in Sam Houston Jones State Park – gorgeous nature at its best – but watch out for gators and surprisingly, racoons! They are giant and it can be quite disconcerting when you wake in the middle of the night and catch them using their hand-like claws to open the boxes storing your food!

Next Stop: New Orleans – Travel Time: 3-3.5 hours

accommodation recommendation:


16. New Orleans

USA Itinerary 3 Weeks

Where to start?! I just love New Orleans. The architecture, the food, the music – it’s my favorite stop on this second part of the tour. Try Gumbo, take a walking tour, cruise down the Mississippi on a steamboat and of course, enjoy the atmosphere of Bourbon Street and its wonderful live Jazz music. French, African and American culture melts together here to provide an experience like no other city in the States.

Head outside the city limits and hop on an airboat tour of the swamp lands which are abundant in this part of the world – a great day for all ages.

Highlights: French Quarter, Jackson Square, Mississippi Steam Boat Cruise, Bourbon Street & The Gumbo Shop. Read all about the  Top Things To Do in New Orleans here!

In The Area: New Orleans Area Plantations, New Orleans Cemeteries, Garden District, D-Day Museum, Swap Tours

Where to Eat: Top 10 Cheap Eats in New Orleans

Next Stop: Graceland (Yay! Elvis’ House!!) – Travel Time: 5.5-6 hours


Roadtrip USA New Orleans

If you liked this part of our USA Coast to Coast Roadtrip – there’s pins just for the Southern Section! Click the share bar for full size images!

 USA Itinerary 3 Weeks  USA Itinerary 3 Weeks



Week 3 – East USA Road Trip Itinerary: Tennessee, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York

The route:
Graceland – Memphis – Nashville – Virginia – Washington dc – Philadelphia – new York.

17. Graceland

Roadtrip USA Graceland

I can honestly say that standing “down in the Jungle Room”  – and wandering around the rest of Elvis’s estate – was one of the highlights of my coast to coast roadtrip. Grab the audio tour and learn about Elvis’s extraordinary life as you walk around his home, the gardens, his record collection, costume hall, car exhibit and private jet! A fun few hours which will have you feeling nostalgic for a time when rock and roll music was at its peak and Elvis stood triumphantly as its king. Stay at the Heartbreak Hotel for the ultimate Elvis escape!

Highlights: The Jungle Room, The Costumes – The Audio tour – Everything!

Next Stop: Memphis – Travel Time: 10 minutes!

WHERE TO STAY For Graceland:


18. Memphis

Roadtrip USA Sun Studio

Just a quick hop across from Graceland is the iconic music hub of Memphis. Home to the legendary Sun Studio and the recording greats such as Johny Cash, BB King and, of course, Elvis. Memphis is also home to great barbecue and soul food and Beale Street is a great spot to combine the two. Ultimately, after visiting Graceland and Memphis you’ll never listen to ‘Walking in Memphis’ in the same way again.

Aside from great food and music, Memphis is also home to the National Civil Rights Museum, housed in the infamous Lorraine Motel, where Martin Luther King Jr was assassinated. It is worth taking a few hours to learn (or refresh your memory!) about his work and  legacy that continues to inspire many.

Highlights: Beale Street, National Civil Rights Museum, Sun Studio

In The Area: Shelby Farms Music Museums

Next Stop: Nashville – Travel Time: 3-4 hours



19. Nashville

USA Road Trip Planner - Nashville

Another musical stop on our USA Road Trip and the home of country music. Welcome to Nashville! Grab a stetson and don your favorite cowboy boots – or pick up a pair from any of the local stores – and hit the streets of music city. Immerse yourself in music history at the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry, stop in any bar along the main street for some great live music or head to the Opry Mills for some great outlet shopping. There’s something for everyone in Nashville!

Highlights: County Music Hall of Fame & Cowboy boots

In The Area: Jack Daniels Distillery, Music City Walk of Fame Park, Nashville Framers Market, Rayman Auditorium, Opry Mills, Belle Meade Plantation, Opryland Amusement Park.

Next Stop: George Washington & Jefferson National Park – Travel Time: 8 hours

Where To Stay In Nashville:


20. George Washington & Jefferson National forests

USA Road Trip - State Forest

An overnight stop suggestion – which can be combined with beautiful walks and great scenery.

Next Stop: Washington DC – Travel Time: 3-3.5 hours

accommodation recommendation:


21. Washington DC

Roadtrip USA DC

Enjoy the serenity and culture of DC which combines amazing museums and beautiful memorials in addition to 3 stunning buildings that house the USA’s federal government’s 3 branches – the Capitol, White House and Supreme Court. Don’t just visit them during the day though – daylight doesn’t do them justice! A better time is to visit them on an illumination walking tour and add in the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and the Vietnam’s Veterans Memorial.

Head over to the neighborhood of Georgetown for a stroll around eclectic shops and great restaurants.

Highlights: Illumination Walking Tour (self-guided), National Museum of Natural History,  Pool of Reflection.

If this is your first visit to the capital, here’s 25 tips to help your visit go without a hitch and  if you’re spending more than a couple of days here,  these 50 Things To Do In DC should keep you occupied!

In The Area: National Archives, National Postal Museum, Holocaust Museum, World War II Museum, Korean War Memorial, Newseum, Botanic Gardens.

Next Stop: Philadelphia – Travel Time: 2.5 hours

Where To Stay In Washington DC:


22. Philadelphia

Roadtrip USA Liberty Bell

Visit the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall and see where the Declaration of Independence and American Constitution were signed; eat an authentic Philly Cheese Steak and jog up the ‘Rocky’ steps singing ‘Eye of the Tiger.’

Highlights: LOVE Park, Rocky Statue

In The Area: Eastern State Penitentiary , Philadelphia Museum of Art

Next Stop: New York – Travel Time: 1.5-2 hours

Where To Stay In Philadelphia:


23. New York

Travel Photo Tuesday New York

What a way to finish! There is so much to see and do in New York that a little mention here will not be enough! Spend a few days picking out your own highlights from the extensive list below and live it up as you celebrate traveling coast to coast across the USA in the city that never sleeps.

(My) Highlights: Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero, Times Square, Central Park

In The Area: Rockefeller Center, 5th Avenue, Ellis Island, New York Stock Exchange, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Grand Central Station, High Line, Brooklyn Bridge, Battery Park.

RELATED: Top Things To Do in New York and How to Explore Like A Local!

Where To Stay In New York:

Roadtrip USA New York Stock Exchange

So there you have it, the a 3-4 week Coast To Coast Roadtrip across the USA. I hope you liked the route! And please let me know if I have missed any of your favorite destinations – I’d love to hear from you and share your recommendations with my readers.

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USA Roadtrip | Roadtrip Itinerary | 4 Weeks USA Itinerary | 3 Week USA Itinerary | Road trip | USA Road Trip

Copy of The ULTIMATE US Roadtrip     The ULTIMATE US Roadtrip

Coast to Coast USA Roadtrip


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      Hi Elaine, thank you for checking out my route! I wanted to put something out there that wasn’t the usual route 66. Your trip sounds amazing, there are so many beautiful national parks. Yosemite is definitely on my list but you are right – there really is so much more to see! Happy Travels :-)

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      Thank you NanoB! I’m really enjoying putting it all together and am already working on next week’s installment – The South! Happy Travels :-)

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  1. Eileen g says:

    Distances aret so much bigger out west than here in the east. I think we just have to get over that and start exploring. So much to see in the west with all those national parks!

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Eileen, you’re so lucky to live on the same continent as these amazing places! They are definitely worth the drive!
      Happy Travels :-)

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    That is epic! Having grown up in that region, I can go on and on about other worthy sites – from giant Redwoods in California to the London Bridge (in Arizona!?!), the Mojave Desert, White Sands…the list goes on. Trouble is, you’d end up with a very twisty route and spend the whole three weeks without getting to Texas! Good stops so far…Can’t wait to read the rest of the adventure! #WeekendWanderlust

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Rob! Glad you like the route so far. It’s nice to hear from a native that I’ve picked out some good spots!
      I’ve never heard of London Bridge in Arizona though – i’ll definitely have to look that one up! Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of the route. Happy Travel :-)

      • George says:

        I’d do Palm Springs before Lake Havasu (Indian Canyons and Joshua Tree). Was not particularly impressed with the London Bridge setup. The bridge is the bridge, but the rest is tourist kitschy. Little Oatman in Arizona is cool (donkeys and mock gunfights) and Kingman has a neat 50’s diner across from the railway museum. Both of the latter on Route 66. If you get as far south as Tucson, you can rent a professional telescope at Kitt Peak Observatory and and be an astronomer for a night observing the stars for a night with a volunteer astronomer. (Reasonably priced for what it is – but book well ahead.) You had a dorm available to you from morning to noon to get some sleep. That was an amazing experience. The observing/photography, and walking out into the morning sunrise over the desert. The banner photo on my Twitter account @Galactic_George was taken by me at Kitt Peak that night.

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Kaylene, glad you like the look of the roadtrip – it really was amazing! And if you have done the first three you have effectively already started!
      Happy Travels :-)

  3. Jimmy and Tina says:

    Santa Monica is a great place to start! I do love it there! What a fun trip and looking forward to reading the rest of the parts as you make your way across the west coast to the east coast. I have yet to see Antelope Canyon but looking forward to it some day!

  4. Joanna says:

    I love the idea of a roadtrip through America, from West to East! I love road trips and when I read posts like yours I really wish I had a driver’s license and be able to do it myself. I actually have a friend who flew into San Antonio and did a roadtrip to Vegas from there, passing through the Grand Canyon National Park and passing the Hoover Dam. His photos looked amazing! I have yet to go to the states and if I had a month free I would definitely like to follow your itinerary.

  5. Bhushavali says:

    A 3-4 week long road trip across all 4 timezones? Whoa! That’s indeed epic!!!
    I haven’t been to the USA yet, so this is all the more fascinating about a faraway land.
    I love how you’ve mapped the route and also recommended hotels in varying price points as well!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Bushavali – it is a very epic road trip! And I like including varying price options for accommodation because travel doesn’t have to be expensive, but it is nice to splurge every now and again!

  6. Jennifer says:

    This road trip has so many things that are on my bucket list right now. I hadn’t considered a road trip to take them all in, but I love how this is laid out. And no road trip would be complete without a stop in a small town like Luckenbach!

  7. Bianca says:

    Wow. This is the ultimate roadtrip. I was in the US last year, and I experience a baby roadtrip lol. My family and I drove from Seattle > vegas > Idaho > Utah > LA and then SF. I almost died! It was the most tiring thing ever but maybe because it was also the first time we’ve done it and it was only our second time in the US. This list is super helpful as we’re planning another roadtrip this year!

  8. Whitney says:

    Wow, this is a great itinerary! I think I might personally want to stretch it out longer than just 3-4 weeks if I was able, because there are so many great stops along the way. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Sonja says:

    What an epic road trip! There’s so many great places to see in the US that travelling there could really be endless. I’d love to spend even longer than this on a trip but if I only had that amount of time this looks like the way to go! Plus you’ve named some places I didn’t even know about!

  10. Rachelle says:

    What an ambitious itinerary! I would love to do this, but might have to break it up to fit it with my work schedule. And bless your heart for driving through Texas! I’m not sure I’m ready for a trip like that!

  11. eazynazy says:

    Thanks alot for sharing this post . Truly saying, I have never visited most of the places you listed and I feel so bad about it. I love road trips alot so I have pinned this post for my future use.

  12. Kristine Aarsheim says:

    What an amazing list of fantastic places to visit for a coast to coast US road trip! I’ve traveled a lot around in the US, but never been to any of the national parks (flying over the Grand Canyon in a mini plane doesn’t really count). I’d love to visit the national parks, monument valley – and being kind of a sci-fi nerd; Roswell! Thanks for sharing – I’ll bookmark this post for my next trip to the US :)

  13. steph says:

    Enjoyed the read, but would have loved if you stated how many days you spent in each place to give a better indication of the time frame within the 3-4 weeks

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Steph
      Thanks for the feedback, I had left the times out to allow people to gauge for themselves how long they would need in each spot dependent on their interests – but I can appreciate a guide to how long I spent would be useful. I’ll have a look at adding that info in!

  14. Tatiana says:

    I am hoping to go from NYC to LA (hopefully san francisco area) and have about 17-18 days. Skipping some points that you mentioned here, do you think this is a realistic goal? I will be driving with 2 other people.

    • Vicki says:

      We did LA to NYC in 21 days on the route described in the post and it was quite rushed. You would definitely have to skip places/modify the route if you were cutting 4 days off, but it is still doable!

  15. Kelly says:

    We considering a road trip in a camper van (mobile home). Do you think it’s easy enough to find places you can park it?

    Secondly- how should we modify this trip if we want to include Florida?

    How kiddy friendly is this trip?

    Thank you.

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Kelly
      I camped (tent) for part of this trip and there were plenty of campsites along the way so I don’t think you’d have a lot of trouble parking the RV.
      In terms of modifying, take a look at the route, see which stop is closest to Florida and then add a leg into the state there.
      I think in terms of how kid friendly it is, it would depend on your children, and the type of activities you can find for them in each location.

  16. Lindsay says:

    This trip looks amazing! We are planning on taking a similar route this summer for 3-4 weeks. May I ask how much a trip like this cost you? I would love to know how much to set aside for the trip. We really want to do a lot of camping, so I’m sure that will cut out some costs! Any camping recommendations? Thank you!!

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Lindsay – I actually took this trip back in 2008(!) and so if I’m honest, I only have a vague recollection on how much it cost, but as that info would be 10 years old, I’m not sure how helpful it would be for budgeting for your own trip. Sorry I can’t be of more help!

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