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Travel Gear Guides

Here is where you will find all my gear reviews, buying guides and gift guides for a whole heap of different travel essentials! From water bottles to packing cubes and yoga mats all the way through to backpacks & rolling suitcases – and everything in between! Whatever bit of travel kit you are looking to add to your gear list, or if you a looking for the perfect gift for your travel-loving partner/friend etc – our buying guides & gift guides will help you find the perfect solution for your budget and style.

Travel Gear Reviews & Buying Guides

Backpacking Essentials for the Trip of a Lifetime

Backpacking Essentials - What to Pack for the Trip of a LifetimeBackpacking has to be one of the best travel adventures you ever take – but have you got any idea exactly WHAT you need to take?! No worries if you don’t because this post has all the backpacking essentials you need + 8 things that you definitely don’t to make sure you don’t overpack!

The Best Travel Backpacks for Women (tested by a woman!)

Best Travel Backpack for WomenYou can’t pack properly without knowing what backpack you really need! We’ve reviewed the best backpack’s for women to help you pick out your perfect travel companion for your big adventure!


The Best Drones for Travel (+ Professional flying tips)

Drone Accessories to add to your Flying KitDeciding to invest in a drone can be a big decision. Let us help you out with our guide to the Best Drone for Travel – all recommended by the Travelers Who Fly Them & complete with professional flying tips!

Top Drone Accessories to get the Most from Your Bird

Top 10 Drone Accessories - Hand underneath a switched on drone
Up your drone game with our Top 10 Drone Accessories. From spare batteries to SD cards, landing pads to filters – we’ve listed to best drone accessories to help you take your aerial photography and videography to the next level.


The Best Carry on Luggage (Tested on Most Airlines!)

The Best Carry On Luggage for Men & WomenWith airline carry-on requirements getting stricter and stricter, it’s becoming a minefield to know what you can take on board. But you bag shouldn’t be something you worry about! We’ve scoured the skies for the best carry on luggage so that you can pick the best on the web without worrying if it’s going to fit!

Top 10 Packing Cubes & Compression Cells on the Market

The Best Packing Cubes and Packing Cells for Travel
Whatever size bag you have you are going to want to make the most of every inch of space. And packing cubes are one of the best ways to do that! To help you get your luggage organized quick sharp we have put together the top 10 packing cubes, packing cells and compression packing bags that are available online and can be delivered to your door tomorrow!

Best Hardside Checked Luggage

The Best Hardside Luggage for Travel
Hardisde Luggage is the way forward and we have reviewed the Top 10 Hardside Spinner Suitcases on the Market today + included tips on how to select the right one for you!

The Best Water Bottles for Travel

The Best Travel Water Bottles
Looking to be more eco-friendly? These top travel water bottles eliminate the need for single use plastic and are a step in the right direction to being a more sustainable traveler.

The Top 10 Travel Tripods (that fit in your carry on!)

The Best Travel Tripods on the Market - Tripod with Camera looking out on the landscape
Ready to add a Tripod to your photography kit? We’ve reviewed the Best Travel Tripods & given you a detailed guide about how to select the right one for you.

The Best Camera for Travel Photography

The best camera for travel photography - A Comparison

Our guide to the Best Camera for Travel Photography – and How to Pick the Right One for You will take the stress out of finding the perfect travel camera for your skill level and interests. With real reviews and recommendations from the travelers that use them, take your pick between Mirrorless, DSLR, Action, Drone, Underwater and more!

Sennheiser PXC500: The Best Wireless Headphones for Travel

sennheiser pxc 550 wireless headphones
You often can’t control who sits on the same row as you (especially as a solo traveler) but you CAN definitely block them out with the Sennheiser PCX550 Wireless headphones. It’s like being in First Class – even when you’re stuck at the back of the plane!

30+ Solid Travel Toiletries (That You Can Take in Your Carry On!)

Solid Travel Toiletries Cover Photo of Bar of soap wrapped in paper on a rose pink plate on a black table
Solid Travel Toiletries are all the rage – and they help you avoid the pesky TSA liquid rules. To get you started we’ve pulled together our top 30 Solid Travel Toiletries recommendations to add to your kit!

The Best Packable Rain Jackets for Travel

Best Packable Rain Jackets for Travel Cover Image of Man stood facing away from the caemra in a yellow jacket

A packable waterproof jacket is an essential for any traveler. Compact and small enough to fit into any bag – but which one to choose? To make it easier we have reviewed 20 of the Best Packable Rain Jackets available in 2020. You’ll have your new all weather travel companion in no time!

Best Mobile Hotspots for Travel

BEST Mobile Hotspot & Portable Wifi Devices for Travel

If traveling without steady access to the internet sounds like some form of torture, never fear! We have reviewed the best portable wifi devices – both local sim and in-built data – to help you stay connected on the road. Wherever in the world that may be!

Best Dry Bags for Travel & Outdoor Adventures

Best Dry Bag - Reviews and Comparisons
A travel essential for any outdoor adventure enthusiast. From kayaking to paddleboarding, scuba diving to snorkeling – have a high quality Dry Bag is a must.

Best Passport Wallets for Travel

The Best Passport Holder for Travel
Protecting your passport should be right at the top of your list – and our top passport holders are practical, safe and so darn cute! Upgrade your passport cover today!

The Best Travel Yoga Mats for Travel

Best Travel Yoga Mats
If going a day on your travel without stretching out sounds like torture, you need to get yourself a travel yoga mat. Compact, lightweight and durable – we’ve reviewed the best ones on the market to help you find your perfect yoga partner.

15 Essential Hiking Tips for Beginners (Plan, Pack, Prepare etc)

Hiking Tips for Beginners cover image of a couple hikers walking along a gravel path with grass either side walking towards a snow topped mountain in the distance
Start your outdoor adventure off on the right foot with these 15 essential hiking tips for beginners – inc. a handy checklist to help get you organized.

Must-Have Travel Essentials for Women

Travel Essentials for Women cover photo of a women sitting with her back to the camera wearing a black small backpack with the Ponte Veccio Bridge in Florence in the background Whether you are heading off on your first trip, or a savvy global traveler, we’re sure you’ll find something on our list of Must Have Travel Essentials for Women that will make your travel life a whole lot easier.

Ultimate Europe Packing List (Europe Travel Essentials)

Travel Essentials for Europe cover photo of a woman in a bikini sitting in an infinity pool overlooking the ocean in Oia, Santorini Make sure you have most, if not all, of our travel-tested Europe Travel Essentials for your next (or first!) European adventure. You’ll thank us. We promise.





The Best Travel Gifts for Every Occasion

The Best White Elephant/Secret Santa Gifts

Cover photo of the best white elephant gifts for travel lovers featuring a mini vw campervan with a christmas tree on top bathed in a golden light from a sun set at the back of the shotGet ready for the festive season with our guide to the best white elephant gifts for travel lovers. Featuring gifts under $20, gifts under $50 and funny white elephant gifts that everyone is going to try and get rid of!
Or if you are based in the UK (or Australia) – our guide to the more conventional Secret Santa gift exchange is here.

Travel Gifts for Girls

Best Travel Gifts for Her - Travel Gifts for Women - a complete list packing with items she'll not only love but actually want!
Looking to treat the travel-loving lady in your life? Our perfect gifts for female travelers has a gift for every budget and every occasion.

Essentials for Eco-Travel & Eco-Travel Gifts

Eco Friendly Gifts for Travel - female traveler looking out across a green field wearing a backpack
Making small changes can make everyone a better traveler. Take a look at our essentials for Eco-Travel – from accessories to clothing, tech to practical things (solar charger , anyone?!) – just swapping out a few items can help make the planet a little bit better as you explore all corners of the globe.

The Best Travel Gifts for ALL Travel Lovers (Men, Women & Kids!)

The best travel gifts for travel lovers
Still on the lookout for the Perfect Travel Gift? This post has got epic gift suggestions for every wandering soul!