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Welcome to MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld!

Hi! I’m Vicki, a lawyer from the UK who took the long route (9+ years!) to professional qualification – before realizing 3 months later that it wasn’t what I wanted anymore. I walked away from a corporate salary to focus on inspiring others to MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld
through this website and travel writing for other publications.

Originally from a small town outside Manchester in the UK, I settled in Melbourne, Australia after 4 years traveling around the world. In that time I worked for Walt Disney World in Florida, USA, ran 5 different hotels in the French, Swiss & Austrian Alps and spent any spare time I had exploring the globe.

After several seasons running ski hotels in the French, Swiss and Austrian Alps (and 4 years of non-stop travel) I settled in Melbourne Australia, but not being much of a fan of the cold, I revert back to the UK and Spain during Melbourne’s winter to make the most of European Summer!

I am a skier, scuba diver and foodie with a passion for travel, ethical wildlife encounters and responsible, culturally immersive travel. And I want to show you how you can do the same!

My highlights so far have included:

Vicki @ MakeTimeToSeeTheWorld

Work with me

I would love to partner with sponsors that would allow us to travel and experience new places and attractions – both in Australia and the wider world – and encourage you to visit my Work With Me page and contact me here with your suggestions or email me at maketimetoseetheworld(at)gmail(dot)com

Join me

I am on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter and invite you to all to join me from your desks as I catalog the highlights of past trips and plan for the next. Whether you’re looking for destination guides or experience reviews – I’m sure they’ll be something on the blog to encourage your wanderlust and ultimately, I hope I can inspire everyone to maketimetoseetheworld.


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