Top Things To Do In Verona including Awesome Day Trip Ideas

“In fair Verona where we lay our scene…” recognized by most as the second line of the prologue  to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliette, is also a great way to introduce you the Top Things to Do in Verona and also provide you with a few day trip ideas for exploring the area. It’s a city that celebrates the star-crossed lovers as well as boasting its own Roman architecture by way of am amphitheater and old city walls as well as some beautiful sunset spots and the Verona Cathedral. Add in it’s proximity to Venice and Milan, as well as neighboring cities and you’ve got loads of Things To Do in Verona and some awesome day trip ideas. Oh and lets not forget the food. There really is nothing better than Italian Food in Italy!

Things to do in Verona Day Trips

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Nam Cheah is a third culture millennial who spent half her life in Hong Kong and the other half in UK. Planning to make the most out of life, she documents her passion to laugh, travel and eat on her suitably named blog: Laugh, Travel, Eat. When she’s not doing any of that, she’s either catching up on TV while online shopping or writing her novels.

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Granada Nicaragua Things To Do, Where To Stay & What To Eat

As travellers, we all want to get off the beaten path and visit places untouched by mass tourism. We want to find that just waiting to be discovered new destination right out of National Geographic. Nicaragua is often compared to Costa Rica years ago before the developers moved in and brought Western infrastructure and facilities. Affectionately called “Nica”, the country was thought of as unstable in the 1980s and not visited often. Luckily, this has well and truly changed and Nicaragua is becoming quite the Central American hotspot. Tourism in Nicaragua is evolving, but it feels sustainable and authentic. Just a short flight from the USA, Nicaragua should definitely be on your list to visit. You will likely arrive in the capital of Managua and should make your way straight to the beautiful and charming colonial city of Granada, less than an hour away. Granada is one of the oldest cities in the Americas and its cobblestone streets, colourful buildings and charming streets are a photographer’s dream. It is a great way to ease your way into the region because it offers good amenities, in addition to its charming character. Read on for a comprehensive guide to Granada Nicaragua Things To Do, Where To Stay and What To Eat!

Granada Nicaragua Things To Do

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Dawn Nicholson loves traveling and blogging about her adventures traveling and living overseas with her three kids at She has visited over 50 countries and believes strongly in traveling now with kids by whatever and any means possible – backpacking, sailing or living as expats overseas.

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Hong Kong Points of Interest: Things To Do, Where To Stay & What to Eat!

Hong Kong is the perfect destination for a short break. Whether you’re looking to pack everything in to one jam packed weekend break, or pick your highlights from Hong Kong’s’ Top Things To Do, we’ve got options and ideas to suit every budget and every style of traveler. From Temples to the iconic Victoria Harbour,  an awesome variety of Asian food and a couple of hikes thrown in, you can build your own itinerary to make sure you get the best from your short trip to Hong Kong. And with recommendations for where to stay and what to eat – we’ll have your long weekend break to Hong Kong organized before you know it! Hong Kong Points of Interest

Hong Kong Points of Interest Things To Do

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DIY Mexico City Tour – Things To Do, Places to Visit & Where To Stay!

Mexico City, the place I currently call home, is overflowing with things to do for travellers of all ages, regardless of what their interests are. If you love museums, you’re in luck, because Mexico City has the most of any city in the world. Food? The Mexico City street food is some of the best I’ve ever tasted. But nature, I like nature! Yep, Mexico City has that too, in the shape of North America’s largest urban green space, the Bosque de Chapultepec. So, with all that choice, where should you even begin in Mexico City? Here are my recommendations to build your own Mexico City Tour including things to do, places to visit and where to stay!

Mexico City Tour Things to Do Places To Visit

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Lauren is a Mexico City based travel blogger who writes (mainly) about Mexico, food and feminism. While she loves writing about other people and places, she thinks there’s really nothing more horrifying than putting together a humble yet engaging personal bio. Find her rainbow coloured pictures and pins on Instagram and Pinterest, or follow her irreverent thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.

Ultimate Guide to Seoul, Korea – Things To Do, Where to Stay & What To Eat!

Are you thinking of visiting Asia? Some of the first countries that come to mind are Japan and China. There is a little country in the middle that always seems to be forgotten or lost in the shuffle… You guessed it, it’s South Korea! This is a great example of where size completely doesn’t matter, this relatively small country is PACKED with some amazing things to do. In this post I will be talking about the capital city of Seoul, which is jammed packed with some serious fun! Regardless of whether you have a weekend or a few weeks, there are so many things to do in Seoul that you will never get bored! With palaces, spas, hiking, cool cafes, endless shopping and an amazing array of food to try – there is definitely something for everyone! This really is the Ultimate Guide to Seoul Korea! Things to do

Seoul Korea Things To Do

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Jen is crazy passionate about two things, seeing the world and how to save our planet. She started travelling when she was less than a year old, and got hooked on jet setting ever since! She has lived in 4 different countries including Canada, India, U.S.A (Hawaii) and South Korea. The thing that she loves so much about travelling is learning from other people by seeing and experiencing how they live. About the age of 11, she picked up a book called ‘Oceans in Peril’ It changed the way she looked at the world forever. She realized how much we mistreated not only our oceans, but our planet as well. Just because we didn’t live in the ocean or in the forest, didn’t make it right for us to pollute, pillage and destroy it. It was a horrible feeling, soon she realized if things kept going this way, we won’t have a home to live in for much longer. The beautiful sights and sounds we take for granted at home and when we travel will not be around for future generations to come.

She started educating her friends and classmates through fun plays, showing everyone that being more sustainable in our everyday lives didn’t have to be super difficult or expensive. It starts with the willingness to try and to make small little change which later become habits. Learn how you can change the way you travel on her blog (link at the top of the article) or follow her adventures on Facebook and Pinterest

Chiang Rai: Things To Do, Where To Eat & Where To Stay!

Chiang Rai, in Thailand’s northernmost province,  sits firmly on the South East Asia Backpacker trail, and is often a travelers last stop in Thailand before crossing in Laos. However, a quick search of things to do in the area leaves many feeling underwhelmed. Most travelers have heard about the White Temple, but with google throwing up only a few more temples as options for Things To Do, it doesn’t inspire many people to stick around longer than the included 2 hour stop on the way to the border.  This guide is dedicated to showing you that there is so much more to Chiang Rai than just the ‘White Temple’ and to convince you to give it a little more time on your tour of Thailand. Keep reading to find out all about the top things to do in Chiang Rai – and as you’ll be staying a little longer – where to eat and where to stay! (Chiang Rai Things To Do)

Chinag Rai Things To Do

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Jub is a kiwi who is wearing a cat t-shirt more often than not. He’s been travelling since 2012 and for some reason keeps finding himself back in Southeast Asia but knows there is a whole world out there to explore.

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