Sundara Bali Day Pass – Luxury Travel On A Backpacker Budget

…Sundara Bali Day Pass Luxury Backpacker

Sundara Bali Day Pass Luxury Backpacker
Are you a budget traveler who looks longingly at posts about ‘the world’s best luxury hotels’ and ‘amazing infinity pools’ before sighing and thinking ‘maybe one day’. Well maybe today is the day! If you can get to the Four Seasons in Jimbaran Bay, and pick up a Sundara Bali Day Pass!

Sundara Bali Day Pass: Luxury Travel on a Backpacker budgeter

The Four Seasons – a world renowned luxury 5* hotel chain, where rooms typically sell for anything between $800-$2500 per night!! Each of its hotels offer first class accommodation, dining and entertainment facilities and host various celebrities as their guests in exotic locations all over the world. Now, I don’t know about you but as a traveler on a budget I’m more likely to spend $800 or less on a whole holiday, than pay that price for a room for a night. But I have always wondered what it would be like to live in that world – where money is no object and 5* hotels are the norm. And then I heard about Sundara at the Four Seasons in Jimbaran Bay, Bali.

Sundara Bali Day Pass Luxury Backpacker


Set into the side of the cliff at the far end of Jimbaran Beach, Sundara is just one of the restaurants associated with the Four Seasons Hotel. It has a 57m infinity pool that looks out over the ocean and is almost exclusively known only for its restaurant. What a lot of people don’t know is that for approximately $100AUD ($70USD/£50GBP) you can book a daybed and from 10am ’til whenever you want to leave, and you can take advantage of the beautiful surrounds, eat and drink to your hearts content, take a dip in the infinity pool – where they are more than happy to serve that mojito you’ve been craving – and pretty much be waited on hand and foot. This is the ultimate (and cheapest!) way of sampling the travel lifestyle of the rich and famous!

how it works

There is no online booking system for this awesome day – all inquiries/bookings must be made through their email system. Each daybed can be booked for a maximum of 2 adults and 2 children (though I don’t really think it’s a place for kids!) and you must arrive by 10am.

On arrival you are led through the beautiful complex and down to your daybed, which is just above the ocean and right on the beach.  Your daybed will be made up with towels, bottled water and the food & drink menus. As you settle in, one of the lovely members of staff will come over and offer to clear your sunglasses (let me tell you – my sunglasses have never been so clean!) whilst another brings you your complimentary fruit platter to start the day. Drinks service starts immediately and food is available from 11am.

Sundara Bali Day Pass Luxury Backpacker


Included in your $100 fee is the equivalent of $70 food and drink credit, (so the day bed is actually only $30!!) unlimited bottled water, the fruit platter, sunglasses cleaning service, unlimited white fluffy towels – which are changed mid-way through the day whilst you are in the pool! and every hour a member of staff walks round with some form of treat – be it a frozen fruity icy-pole type treat, popcorn or sampler from the restaurant.

As Sundara boasts one of the top restaurants in Jimbaran Bay, the food is pricey – but as you start off with $70 credit, you could eat for most of the day before having to pay out of your own pocket. Try the Salt and Pepper Crunch (soft shell crab, baby prawn, squid, tobiko mayo – YUM) and the Jimbaran Prawns (they are huge and quite fiddly to get the meat out but very tasty) and remember that it is drinks (alcoholic and non) is where the money adds up. We reasoned that for the bargain price for the day – we would spend a little more and have those extra couple of cocktails. I highly recommend the Red Fruits Mojito – its $15 which is more than I’d pay for a cocktail here in Australia – but oh so very very nice.

Sundara Bali Day Pass Luxury Backpacker

Jimbaran Prawns

You can order food and drink from your daybed or choose to eat in the restaurant, but we quite enjoyed being served on our bed, and it is no problem to take a dip in the infinity pool whilst enjoying your cocktails – Bliss!

Sundara Bali Day Pass Luxury Backpacker

We stayed until around 7pm, by which point we had definitely outlasted the other guests. You could say we were getting our monies worth! We didn’t feel we were annoying the staff or overstaying our welcome, and took advantage of their beautiful showers complete with shampoo/conditioners/shower gel (and more fluffy white towels!) to freshen up. Our only downside for the day came when we realised that there is no sunset over the water at Jimbaran Bay, as the sun sets on the other side of the rocky outcrop. It was still a pretty beautiful sunset though!

Sundara Bali Day Pass Luxury Backpacker

On a side note – for the foodies out there, Sundara also do a Sunday Brunch between 11.30am – 4pm. There is practically unlimited food (check out the menu on their website) and drink brought to your table throughout the day on a range of different packages.
If we ever went back to Bali we would definitely give the Sunday Brunch a try!

An amazing day all round. I’m not usually the ‘sitting around the pool’ kinda girl, but this was a lifestyle I could get used to! Nothing is too much trouble for the staff, they are friendly, always there (yet discrete) and so accommodating. Make a day of it and live the travel lifestyle of the rich & famous. Go on! You’re worth it!

Let me know if Sundara is on your Bali ‘must-do’ list – and spread the love by pinning and sharing this post – everyone should know about the best way to spend a day like the rich & famous – for less than $100!!

And if you can’t get to Bali – why not see if your nearest 5* offers a day pass? You never know where your next 5* experience will come from!

Don’t forget to pin & share! I’d really appreciate it 🙂

Sundara Bali Day Pass Luxury Backpacker




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34 thoughts on “Sundara Bali Day Pass – Luxury Travel On A Backpacker Budget

  1. Lyndall - Seize The Day Project says:

    This place is amazing. What a fantastic idea to book a day bed. I’m off to pack my bags now 🙂

  2. Katie says:

    This sounds amazing! I am thinking about heading to Bali later on this year for a vacation, and while I definitely cannot stay somewhere like this, I would pay that much for a full day of lounging! Looks incredible, thanks for sharing!

  3. mark says:

    Looks like a great to experience “how the other half holiday”. I think the price sounds fair for the sort of facilities you are talking about. Why would say its not kid friendly? was there no kids there with parents?

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Mark.
      It was a great experience, well worth the money – my remark about kids probably should have been phrased ‘not the place for badly behaved kids’. The day beds are only a meter away from the edge of the pool, so there is a thin strip of ‘play area’ for kids which, whilst we were there, led to them running up and down in front of our bed, and then their parents yelling at them to stop whatever they were doing. It kind of detracted from the whole ‘luxury travel’ experience!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Dean – we only heard about this by word of mouth from friends who go almost every year – I thought I’d spread the good word!! Happy Travels!

  4. Jessica says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for posting this. I was just beginning to plan my trip to Bali and had no idea of where to stay. I have never been to Bali. How long would you recommend going for?

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Jessica – we spent a week in Seminyak, which is the ‘trendy’ part, about 10-20 minutes from the party/tourist hub of Kuta. Seminyak has lots of boutique shops and very nice restaurants for half the price of what it would cost in Aus! It’s also worth spending a few days in Ubud which is further north and inland/jungle-y but it can be just as overrun with tourists just as Seminyak/Kuta is! And if you prefer a quieter location, I’ve heard really great things about Sanur – which is about 20 mins from Seminyak on the other side of the Island.
      If you want to try and see it all including the islands i’d probably go for 10-14 days and do a bit of moving around, spending a few days in each place.
      Shoot me and email if you would like any more info!
      Happy Travels! 🙂

  5. Rachel ¦¦ A Nesting Nomad says:

    Oh awesome, this looks like a pretty good deal all told! I’m not really a sit-by-the-pool kinda gal either, but I am definitely a food lover so this sounds like the perfect way to spend a day and actually relax. I’ve never been to Bali but am super keen to – we are saving it as a holiday destination for if (/when! Thinking positive!) we move to Australia. Can’t wait!

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Rachel, thanks for stopping by! Bali is so easy to get to from Australia – it’s definitely the go-to destination for many. Good luck on the move to Aus!

  6. Paula says:

    I have travelled a lot in South East Asia but never made the trip to Bali. This does look incredibly tempting. I love that the day beds are facing the ocean and you can watch the sunset without moving an inch. The food looks pretty delicious too.

  7. Ruth - Tanama Tales says:

    I was intrigued by your title, so, I stop by to learn more about it. I like your insight a lot. As a matter of fact, it is not the first time I see something like this. In many hotels here in Los Angeles (and Santa Monica, Beverly Hills or Laguna Beach), you can buy a spa day pass. You get a simple treatment, a food credit and the use of the hotel facilities. I haven’t bought a pass (yet) but I imagine is a glorious way to spend a day.

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Ruth – I’ll definitely be checking out day passes at top hotel from now on! This one was amazing and well worth the money.
      Happy Travels 🙂

  8. Shere says:

    It seems very nice!! Maybe not for us as we travel with our toddler, well soon there will be two kids. I think the kids would love the pool but not so sure about other guest enjoying my kids splashing in the water

  9. Linda Bibb says:

    Coincidentally I was just writing about Jimbaran Bay myself. Eating dinner at a warung on Jimbaran Beach is one of our highlights whenever we go to Bali (and you can watch the sunset a little better there). I’ve heard of Sundara but haven’t visited yet. The next time we’re there I’ll make it a point to take a closer look at that Sunday brunch.

    My skin is so fair that I usually burn within an hour or two, even with liberal sunscreen use. How did you all fare?

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Linda – we did walk down to the warungs to get a better look at the sunset – but were so full from eating all day that we couldn’t fit another bite in! I’m a sun worshiper to be honest and I’m lucky I tan quite well – my partner on the other hand (Aussie with Scottish heritage) goes a very painful looking red and so he stayed in the shade for most of the day. The beds have a built in canopy that covers half the bed so you can stay in the shade all day if you like!
      Happy Travels – and let me know if you make it to Sunday Brunch on your next visit to Bali!

  10. Akid says:

    Ha I’m just working through your posts! This is Incredible, how did you manage to find this little secret deal? I’m planning on eloping to Bali so this sounds like an awesome spot.

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Akid! We actually got told about this by friends who go for the Sunday session every time the go to Bali! It’s really highlighted to me that this kind of stuff is available at 5* hotel and I plan to start having a little bit more luxury in my life because of it!

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