Melbourne Loves… Street Art

Oh Melbourne I love you. From your love of food and wine, your passion for whatever sporting event is on each week and your first class class shopping to your iconic neighborhoods, world famous coffee and secluded laneways which act as a canvas for some of the best Street Art in the World.

Melbourne Loves Street Art

Melbourne is an amazing city and I love that walking through the CBD you’ll see and eclectic mix of people. There are no labels and everyone is accepted for who they are and who they want to be.  But it hasn’t always been this way. Melbourne’s street art culture is a remnant of a youth who felt disaffected during the 1970 and 1980’s and took their inspiration from the graffiti culture of New York. Since then it has morphed into a sub-culture of its own and Melbourne City encourages it.

There are designated walls and buildings throughout Melbourne where the city grants permits for artists to display their work. On the whole its a system that works well, with new artwork popping up and recycling the walls at irregular intervals. The one thing the city requests is that artist ‘do art; not tags’ – and most artists comply. One thing for is for sure, it’s highly unlikely that if you took yourself on a walking tour a few weeks apart, you wouldn’t be able to find the same artwork!

Let me take you on a mini tour of Melbourne’s most famous Street Art Laneways

Melbourne Grafitti

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Hosier Lane: -37.816545, 144.969163
AC DC Lane: -37.815802, 144.971017
Union Lane: -37.814048, 144.964590
Flinders Lane: -37.817200, 144.964505
Duckboard Place: -37.815606, 144.971427

First up: Hosier Lane

The epitome of Melbourne’s street art laneway’s – one of the originals and still one of the best. Noted for the quality and often political nature of its art, its an underground artists hub in the midst of upmarket cocktail bars and fancy restaurants.

Melbourne Loves Street Art

Melbourne Loves Street Art

Melbourne Loves Street Art

Youth Projects remain in operation, adorned by art, to provide health, outreach, community and education services to individuals experiencing disadvantage.

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next stop: AC/DC Lane

Formerly Corporation Lane, it was renamed in 2004 in recognition of AC/DC as both recognition as their status as Ambassadors for Australia, and its location in the rock bar district of Melbourne. The trademark lightning bolt contravened road naming provisions and so the punctuation was creatively added around the street name sign after its installation! The laneway is now home to some great artwork – some of which is protected and will never be re-tagged. This is probably the only spot in Melbourne where you will always see the same piece of art!

Melbourne Loves Street Art

Melbourne Loves Art

I’m presuming its a creative use of a toy AK47…

Melbourne Loves Street Art

Rock On StormTrooper!

Melbourne Loves Street Art

The Cherry Bar is the home of rock and roll on AC/DC lane, with its artwork is linked to those who contributed funding to the soundproofing of the building. This is street art that will should always be around.

Melbourne Loves Street Art

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Flinders Lane is lined with upmarket, trendy and supercool restaurants and bars – but there is still a little Street Art to be found – and even Walt Disney is getting in on the act! This piece is one of my favorites and was installed during the Lion King’s 2015 theater run in Melbourne.

Melbourne Loves Street Art

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Slap Bang in the middle of Melbourne’s shopping center – Bourke Street Mall, and right next to David Jones (an upmarket department store) lies Union Lane. To be honest, its my least favorite street art laneway – most of the artwork is tags rather than art, and it is quite dirty (and a little smelly) between the middle and the entrance on Little Collins Street. The entry from Bourke Street however, is where you’ll see tourist snapping the traditional tourist shot – and the end of the laneway often has a great piece of art on display.

Melbourne Love Street Art

Melbourne Love Street Art

…and this last one: I saw from my 10th floor office window at the other end of the city and ran out to get a shot. Its a cafe combining two of Melbourne’s loves – coffee & street art! Pretty cool huh?!

Melbourne Loves Street Art

Have you ever visited any of these iconic laneways? Or have I missed your favorite off the list? Let me know your favorite street art laneway in the comments below!

and did I mention…

Melbourne Loves Street Art

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Melbourne LOVES Street Art

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21 thoughts on “Melbourne Loves… Street Art

  1. Eloise says:

    That’s great! I’ve been to Melbourne and enjoyed looking at the graffitis. I’ve seen many in your post that I didn’t see when I went there. The Lion King one is amazing. I watched the musical when they came to Brisbane (after our trip to Tanzania, it was just a perfect timing…) and loved it. I’ll keep your map and tips to check them again next time I go to Melbourne :) Thank you for sharing!

  2. anna says:

    This is awesome, Vicki! I have a good friend who is living in Melbourne who is massively into street art. Will send this post over! Love the map feature too.

  3. Kanika Kalia says:

    I am such a sucker for the street art, there is something about it that does make walls captivating. I have never been to Melbourne but I am bookmarking your post so that I may not miss it when I visit. Your photos are stunning and i luvd the StormTrooper one , I guess star wars is still in my head :)

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks for stopping by Kanika! Melbourne is such an amazing city and the street art is incredible! Can’t wait for you to see if for yourself!
      Happy Travels!

  4. Mary says:

    Beautiful photos! This is making me want to visit Melbourne (which is a real far ways away from Canada!) My fave is the second last piece of the girl — I am a real sucker for really well-stylized street art of people!

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Mary, thanks for stopping by! Melbourne’s a great place – but you’re right it is a far old way from Canada! The girl on the wall is one of my favorites too – and it wasn’t even on one of the better known street art laneways! Its great what you can find just wandering around!
      Happy Travels :-)

  5. mark says:

    Your opening paragraph sums up Melbourne very well i think. We visit Melbourne regularly we live about 2 hours away. Melbourne has some many great events and the best coffee in the world. We should export barista’s to Europe. My kids love the street art they do some amazing pictures

  6. Christina Wagar says:

    Wow! I have never been to Melbourne and hadn’t heard of it being associated with street art. I have recently become obsessed with visiting places with street art on our travels so the map will be really handy for when we visit. My kids will definitely enjoy having their picture taken with the “rocking storm trooper”!

  7. Rachel Pearson says:

    I’d love to visit Melbourne, I’ll be in Australia later this year so hoping to get to visit! The street art looks amazing and is especially wasn’t to see ACDC lane. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Portia @ Migrant Muse says:

    Love the street art you captured in these photos! I find the whole graffiti world kinda fascinating as there’s always been a certain stigma around it, but these pieces are gorgeous! Hopefully the art work sticks around long enough for when I get a chance to visit Melbourne :)

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Portia – i’m sure a couple of them will still be there on your visit – but I think one of the best things about Melbourne’s street art scene is that you can always see something new and different! If you need any hints, tips or recommendations when you make it to Melbourne just let me know! Happy Travels :-)

  9. Joy @MyTravelingJoys says:

    So many laneways to explore, but I’ve really been liking the streetart scene more in Fitzroy, Carlton, Brunswick areas now. There’s also Blender’s Lane and another one near the Queen Vic Market that has some good street art. :)

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks for your insight Joy! I live in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and always feel that I should explore the inner suburbs more!

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