15 Of The Best Street Art Cities – The Alternative List

Street art is the new fine art and can be found everywhere. Initially a method of expressing social commentary or political protest, modern day street art stays true to it’s origins in some ways whilst branching out into others. Famous artists such as Banksy, C215 and CRO have brought an already popular medium into the everyday conscious and inspired many other artists to showcase their work. The secrecy surrounding the artists identities remaining because many still believe street art is simple vandalism with an element of criminality. It’s a reflection of society that we salute these ‘criminals’ by photographing their artwork and sharing it with the wider world.

Best Street Art

There have been many articles written about where to find the best cities for street art, such as New York, Melbourne & Bristol – and these still deserve a mention here – but read on for a list of alternative street art cities that are on their way to making the Top 10 lists!

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