5 Reasons Why Travel is the Solution to 21st Century Society

I LOVE the world – I’m a travel blogger, so that was probably a given – but I don’t really like the (mostly western) society that’s in it.

I don’t like our obsession with celebrity, our misconceived notion of beauty, our dependence on what ever is our drug of choice – be it technology, alcohol or something more illicit, and the availability of such vices. Then there is the big stuff: racism, violence, terrorism, (and, dare I say it?!) religion. I could go on, but I’m sure everyone has their own idea’s about what is wrong with society (if they think there is anything wrong at all!) But I am a firm believer that, whatever you think is the problem with 21st Century society – travel is the solution.

Travel Solution

5 Reasons Why Travel is the Solution to 21th Century Society Travel Solution

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re sick and tired of reading why travel is so good for you. That it teaches you patience, cultural awareness and blah blah blah. That you’re sick of people trotting out the same romanticised sentiments that don’t really translate to anything but idealized notions of living a better life. I get it. If you don’t travel, posts like that could be seen as condescending, patronising, even and in some cases downright narcissistic. And if you do travel – you’ve read it all before. I really hope that this post doesn’t read in either negative way(!) but I would like to share with you why I think travel makes me a better version of myself and how that can be reflected in this messed up 21st Century Society we find ourselves in.

  1. Money Travel Solution

Travel Solution

♪♪ Money talks, money talks, dirty cash I want you, dirty cash I need you oh.. ♪♪

I’m not sure how many of you will recognise the song lyrics above – I don’t think it was ever that famous, that sentence just always sticks with me – but we have an unhealthy obsession with money whilst at the same time a frivolous uncaring attitude about how we spend it.

We all need money – those bills won’t pay themselves (and those plane tickets aren’t free!) but do we need all the money? Why do we not realise that having enough to live comfortably – or to finance the lifestyle you want (in my case it’s a life of travel) that that is the perfect amount. Society drives us to work harder and for longer hours in the pursuit of a bigger paycheck. Which we then never have the time to spend – or we spend it on worthless things. I notice such a stark difference in how I treat my money when I’m traveling compared to working a 9-5. When I travel, I am conscious of every dollar/euro/dong/baht (you get the idea) that I spend. I budget so that we live frugally enough to sustain our travels, but have enough cash there to splurge where necessary to ensure we get the best experience. Yet at my 9-5, I am less likely to think twice about spending $10 on lunch, or buying that super cute dress that I might wear once before it joins my already bulging walk in robe.

I value money more as a traveler. Yes I still go to the pub for lunch on a Friday and I have a nice handbag every couple of years – but compared to the me I was before I traveled, I am much more responsible with my money and traveling on a budget, I appreciate how far a little bit of money can go.

  1. My Health Travel Solution

Travel Solution

I read a post the other day about how our lives have been dictated to us by the working week – that we are forced to conform to a 5 day working week to keep the corporate big wigs in business yet we leave very little time for ourselves and feel guilty when we don’t have time to exercise and keep ourselves fit and healthy. I resonated with this post so much in relation to my 9-5 life – I used to spend money on gym memberships and sneak out on my lunch breaks – but I’m not a saint (pub-lunch Fridays anyone?!) and when work is busy, it’s hard to keep it up day to day. Plus I felt like I was wasting money on a gym when walking outside is free!

None of this is even a concern when travelling. If I don’t have my backpack on my back (which is a workout in itself – I don’t pack light!), I’m walking 15,000 – 20,000+ steps per day and I enjoy just being outside. I love walking and exploring and I am not counting the hours whilst doing it, or even worse, counting the hours I don’t have time to do it.

Travel makes you go outside – makes you exercise without you even realising and your body is better for it – we are not designed to sit at desks 8 hours a day – and a world of people with back problems is a testament to that!

  1. My diet Travel Solution

Travel solution

Ah, fast food, you’re such a convenience – but could you try to be a little bit healthier? Now, I don’t actually eat fast food, but my sentiments around food are the same. The food (and alcohol) we have access to is for the most part on the unhealthy side. Yes, there is a push for salads, grains and other healthy options – but the fact remains that unless combined with the exercise bit above, counting calories can have little to no effect on our health or weight management and I’m a firm believer in eating/drinking in moderation.

I think the overriding problem with western society and our diet is that we eat at the times our working day says we should. We have a designated hour for lunch – so that would be a good time to eat, right? And to fit with that, we have breakfast and dinner either side. Plus maybe even morning or afternoon tea – and who doesn’t like a bit of supper?! I think we are in the habit of eating for the sake of eating and have created all these meal times to justify excessive food consumption.

When I travel I eat when I’m hungry and traveling on a budget, I don’t eat for the sake of eating.

Then there’s the booze – ours is a society that works for the weekends and there’s a feeling that after working a full week – you deserve a drink on a Friday night (and some most weeks I completely agree!) and so we splurge on Friday and Saturday nights, drinking to excess in some cases, just because we can. You don’t need me to tell you that this really isn’t good for us.

When I travel, I class alcohol as a ‘luxury’ item. A once in a while treat. In stretching my money it’s just not something I am willing to splurge on. And my diet and health is better for it.

  1. Technology Travel Solution

Travel Solution

I admit it. I would be lost without my Iphone & MacBookAir and I couldn’t imagine living in a world where the internet did not exist. But at the same time, we are all so connected all the time and people feel like they have lost an arm when their phones are more than arms reach away. Did you know that the average user checks their phone 85 times a day? It’s incredible! And it’s great that we have such readily available access to whatever news, gossip (or in my case) travel sites that we could want. It really opens up the world and everyone can find a community, website or hub for something that they are passionate about and connect with likeminded people. But I think we have been spoilt by technology. And don’t even get me started on the 24/7 availability! I feel like because we have the technology to facilitate instant communication, doesn’t mean that it should be a mandatory part of our existence. Most devices and platforms now have a feature to tell the sender when their message or email was read by the recipient. Queue feelings of angst or even annoyance when you can see people have read it and not responded – or even guilt from the recipient who knows they have seen it and not responded. I did not sign up to a world where I could be held accountable for my non-immediate (sometimes even slack!) responses – and even though I might not reply immediately, it was never my intention to snub/disrespect or annoy the sender.

And this is another reason why I love travel. I can go all day without checking my phone, restricting my internet time to the evenings in a hotel using the benefit of their free wifi (a must-have feature of a hotel/hostel for the budget traveler) and I don’t feel guilty for not being accessible 24/7. I am unplugged yet connected at the same time and it’s just fantastic. And people understand that – like traveling is a legitimate excuse for tardy communication – whereas the inconvenience of ‘real life’ (which is often the reason I don’t get back to people immediately) is just not a good enough reason to not respond immediately.

  1. My Image Travel Solution

Travel solution

I hate society’s obsession with celebrity, and the misguided notion of beauty that is constantly portrayed in the media. I hate the young girls are taught to think that being ‘attractive’ is the best way to succeed in life and that ‘attractive’ equals ‘better’ (and you have a ‘better’ chance of finding a husband!!). But what is even worse in all of this, is that, in some ways, it is true. What we class to be ‘good looking’ people are treated differently to those the media has deemed as less ‘good looking’. And so people (mostly women) spend thousands to try an achieve the ideal – from make-up and gym memberships to cosmetic surgery, women believe they have to look a certain way to succeed and spend hours of their lives trying to achieve these unrealistic ideals.

I don’t buy into it. I’ve never really been one to wear much make up but travel gives me the freedom to dispense with it all together (except mascara – that’s my one vice). I also don’t really bother with my hair – only getting it cut once or twice a year and washing it twice a week. I wear it up for work and only really ‘style’ it for special occasions like weddings! and I don’t follow fashion and wear what I feel comfortable in. Travel has made me care less about what other people think about how I look – and help me shed my insecurities over how I think I look. And I am so much happier for it.

Travel Solution


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So there you have it, 5 reasons why I think travel is the solution to (my problems) with 21st century society. I understand this post may not be well received by all, and I’m not saying I’m better than anyone else because I travel – but I do think travel makes me a better version of myself and for me to make society better – it would be to be more like travel me than working 9-5 me. And I promise to work on that every day.

Hopefully, something I have said will resonate with you – and I’d love to hear your thoughts – even if especially if you don’t agree with me!

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Travel Solution




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Why Travel is the Solution to the 21st Century

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141 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why Travel is the Solution to 21st Century Society

  1. [email protected] says:

    Well this is just perfect! I’ve shared these thoughts many times and this post puts me in mind of that quote about how travel eradicates all prejudice and other evils – can’t remember who said it! Sharing this 🙂

  2. Anda says:

    I agree with almost all your points, except for number 3. When I travel I tend to overeat and not only that. I tend to eat way more unhealthy than when I am home. I love food and when I travel I want to try everything (especially the sweets!) I may be never returning to that place, so I can’t just say ‘no’ to that great food.

    • Vicki says:

      I can completely understand Anda – and I think it would find it difficult to resist all the sweets if I ate dessert!

  3. Ria says:

    It’s nice reflection to things what happening while you are traveling and how traveling can change our understanding, habits, the look to the world and ourselves. Somehow I would like more stop under “my image” – we are beautiful who we are 🙂 In general I don’t use a lot of make up, but at least mascara used all the time. After coming to Indonesia, where is so hot, sometimes I just forgot to do that and then I got much more people compliments how beautiful I’m. People loves you not because of tons of make up on you, but because of your honest smile, real eye contact and how you treat others. Even if it’s says “people meet you by the cover” but who told that cover should be with fake colors on you?:)

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Ria! Completely agree with being beautiful as you are without the need for war paint! I think I might keep the #nomakeupnoworries hashtag going!

  4. Adonis Villanueva says:

    Couldn’t agree with you more on #2 and #3! When I travel I walk and walk and walk and with a heavy backpack. Fast food is nearly non-existent to most of the countries I visit. Healthiest I’ve ever been.

  5. Meg Jerrard says:

    I agree with every single one of these – I’ve often said that the world would be a much better place is everyone burst free from their little bubble and traveled the world. There would be a lot less hatred, and racism and self absorption. I think you’re definitely on the right track.

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Meg – I thought by sharing some comparisons that people could relate to, it would encourage them to get out there and explore for themselves. I can dream right?!

  6. Nathan says:

    I agree except that it’s so hard for me to unplug when I travel. I’m a complete iPhone addict. Even if I’m only going to be in a town for 2 days I always buy a local sim card. It’s a habit I need to break.

  7. Heather Cole says:

    Totally agree that travel makes you think more about money, and value what you have. Like you, when I’m home and working, I don’t think twice about buying clothes or going out for dinner (this weekend was a new handbag that I really don’t need) yet when abroad we budget for every meal and consider anything over £10 expensive. I guess our priorities change depending on our circumstances. And as for health…I always end up losing weight in our travels, generally because we got to hot places and I never feel like eating much. Cheap and healthy!

    • Vicki says:

      Totally agree Heather! I lose weight when on the road too – both because of the hot weather and not wanting to eat so much thing – and from carrying my always too heavy bag! But I much prefer that to working my 9-5. But I have to finance my travels somehow so I guess I’ll just keep going!

  8. Tonya says:

    Nicely written Vicki. I’d add media, be it social or televised media to the technology list, which is where I think we have most of our image and obsession problems. The media is a business on tv and there to make money, so they show what sells. If we got out and saw most of the world through our eyes on not a screen I think we’d all be happier.

    • Vicki says:

      Very true Tonya – the media is such a contributor to the world’s problems because they decide what we should and shouldn’t see 🙁 The only way is to get out there ourselves 🙂

  9. jen says:

    I’ve also found that traveling (full-time) has simplified my life and made me rethink a lot of things. Such as where I spend my money, when to eat, what to eat, and how to best spend my time. It’s very freeing.

  10. Julie says:

    I really love hearing your thoughts on this – it’s a very similar way of thinking to how I try and think about the world, even during periods of not traveling (though I admit it’s a very slippery slope to getting into ‘normal’ habits). I am heading out for a period of longer travel later this year and i can’t wait to reacquaint myself with those habits and mindsets of a traveler – of budgeting well, of getting lots of exercise naturally, of knowing what’s a luxury and what’s not.

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Julie – I hope you have an awesome time away and get reacquainted with with traveler mindset. I’m heading on an 11 week trip later this year and am so looking forward to doing the same 🙂

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Bernard – make up is a pain! But I like that I am my natural self when traveling – sweaty face and all! Ha!

  11. chrysoula says:

    Very interesting observations and I agree with most of them. I travel part time but when i do I tend to eat much more that when I am at home. Especially in places with great cuisine. I do exercise more though as I love exploring everything on foot!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Chrysoula – a few people have mentioned they eat more when traveling, and I can completely understand why. I think I eat less because I tend to travel to hot countries and when I’m hot, I find I’m less hungry!

  12. Marteen Lane says:

    I loved your perspective on 21st century Vicki and how travel can solve this. Everything is more fast paced and it’s sad that despite more choice, more opportunity and a better standard of living we’re less happy than what our grandparents or great-grandparents were. A lot of people are obsessed with keeping up with the Joneses. Or they do this, this and this because it’s expected of them. To reiterate what Tonya said about the media, we need to be more media savvy and selective in what we watch, listen to and read. Search for a more balanced outlook on certain issues. Travelling makes you see that we’re all interconnected and not all that different. Connection is one of the keys to happiness.


    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Marteen – it really is sad that we’re less happy than our grandparents when we have so much more than them. And you’re right about the media – they have a lot to answer for!

  13. Tiffany says:

    Wow. Awesome post! I read every word straight through. Well said and so many good points. Thanks for sharing! Especially so true about being more mindful with how far our money can go when traveling! 🙂

  14. Naomi says:

    Thank you for your post. It confirms to me that I am on the good way to balance work and travel. I work so I can travel, I do not spend any money on stuff besides travel. I walk to work and after it, averaging a 10k steps a day, my lunchbreak is when I am hungy. So far so good. I do feel I eat healthy and drink more liquids when at home than on the road. I need to work on that. I’m happy for you you’re the best version of yourself you can be.

  15. anto says:

    Whenever I travel, my longing for food is still the same as at home. I’m like a clock, hungry each day at 07-10-13-18 hrs without exception. It’s very convenient because I can always make sure there’s a snack or something for me to eat, but also very inconvenient because I’d love to not always be eating…

  16. Kristina says:

    All these points really resonate with me! What a well written article, thank you for pointing out all these important points on how travelling makes for a healthier, fuller life. Happy travels !

  17. Kathrin says:

    I really like your thoughts here. Travel definitely made me a better version of myself as well. I totally agree with you on the money-part. Through traveling, you become aware of all the unnecessary things you own or “have to” buy. I’ll try to be more aware of that in my day to day life. I actually became more aware of food issues through traveling as well. Especially that you shouldn’t throw away so much food – only buy what you eat, freeze things and eat it next week etc. etc.

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Kathrin – food wastage is also such a big problem and we always try to cook just enough – or enough for leftovers!

  18. Jim @ ReflectionsEnroute says:

    I’ve never really splurged on a cute new dress, ha ha, but you’re right about money. Working society tells us we need to make more money to afford more of the things that we don’t really need. When we travel we not only have a better sense of how we spend our money, but we also see, in so many parts of the world, how so many people can live happily without chasing the almighty buck/pound/euro. Great article!

  19. Lyndall @ SeizeTheDayProject says:

    I totally agree with you Vicki! As for technology, personally I hate being “availabile” 24/7 – I love not checking my phone and just being present and enjoying my surroundings. Travel certainly is a great reason to get back in touch with the real world! Loved your article 🙂

  20. Lotte says:

    What a great article! I can completely relate to each of the 5 reasons. One of the reasons I struggled so much after getting back home from my 5 month trip around New Zealand and Southeast Asia was sitting inside an office all day while the sun was shining outside… We are not meant to sit down all day! Or inside! Also, the food, I think I lost around 7 pounds during my trip and it’s not because I tried. It’s like you said: a combination of being active and eating because you are hungry instead of for the sake of eating. Plus the food in Southeast Asia is so much healthier and more pure than in the Western Starbucks, MacDonald’s, fast food and sugar addict society. I’ll stop writing now because I’ll just repeat what you’ve already put into world perfectly: Travel is the solution to the 21st century society!

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Lotte! I lost a load of weight on my SE Asia trip from the healthy food and exercise – and because I wasn’t drinking because wine was so expensive! It was great!

  21. mark wyld says:

    Great call i think. technology monopolizes our waking hours these days. I for one am a huge culprit of this and always have my phone on me and my laptop going. I love going on holiday where I have no 4G connection and waiting to the evening to check social media. It’s a partial detox i guess

  22. Katie says:

    I agree with all of these (though I don’t mind spending $$ on my Crossfit gym!). I think the biggest thing for me when traveling is accepting my image. I don’t care if I look a mess and sweaty, or what kind of clothes I’m wearing. I look at some pictures of myself from my travels and the times I am the happiest are the times I am the most messy! Traveling helps me shun all the insecurities I have in the ‘real world’.

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Katie – I’ve heard crossfit is pretty cool – i’m the same re my image – I’m a so happy when traveling that I don’t care about my chunky thighs and sweaty face!

  23. Shayan Naveed says:

    I think you’re on to something. Travel is definitely a medium to a better life but it is not the ultimate solution. I’ve met some travelers and they are the rudest, most obnoxious people in the world. It’s not a given that if a person travels he/she is the fittest, the nicest, the smartest, not racist or ignorant.

    Someone who hasn’t traveled at all can also be those things. So I don’t completely agree but I agree that travel is awesome!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Shayan – Thank you for commenting. I wasn’t trying to say that travelers are better – as I have come across some of the types of people you mentioned – but I did want to share a few contrasts between my life of travel and my 9-5 in that hope that others can identify with something I said – traveler or not.
      But you are right – travel is awesome!!

  24. Himanshu says:

    Hey Vicki,

    An absolute truth that today we have to gear up to face. And you can see more and more people are these days thinking about traveling as way to escape from 9-5 and i am sure your post will go a long way. I am sharing this on FB.


    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Himanshu – hopefully we can encourage more people to get out there and see this great world – and maybe make society better in the process!

  25. Rosemary says:

    So, so agree with this post. I think travel makes us focus “outwards” and more in touch with our new environment and as a result are less focused on “us.” Agree with your points about health and diet. We walk more and eat local which tends to be healthier. Not worrying about our image as much and just embracing the local culture adds so much richness. What a great read…and indeed travel is part of the solution!

  26. Paula says:

    I love this article and pretty much agree with all of it, especially the part about money and fitness. I changed my lifestyle a few years ago to focus more on travel and less on “stuff” and I have never been happier.
    I also feel a lot healthier on the road from the combination of moving more and eating less. The only bad thing I do when travelling is perhaps drink a little more alcohol than I do at home but still rarely more than 1-2 drinks a day.

  27. annette charlton says:

    I so agree with your post. Sometimes I find it hard re-adjusting to our work demands and social expectations on returning from a lengthy trip away. Travel creates freedom from these demands. On our return, we try to fight the routines and stereo types at first, but we usually succumb just a little.

  28. Janna says:

    Love this post! I agree with the things you listed here but the one that resonates the most is no. 4. Whenever I travel, I always want to share everything and I end up forgetting that I should live in the moment and not worry about anything else but the experience. I actually like it when there’s poor wifi/cell connection bec then I dont have a choice but to fully immerse myself in what’s in front of me.

    • Vicki says:

      I know exactly where you’re coming from Janna – I love being limited to free (sometimes crappy) wifi in the evenings so that I don’t feel like I have to check in all the time!

  29. Anna @ shenANNAgans says:

    Yes, yes, yes, every thing you said in this post, I agree with. That nasty little self obsessed bubble – shudder. How many times do I hear that working 9-5 (more like 7-7) is what we HAVE to do, and that our image is the key to success. I reckon if more people broke free from what society tells us is correct and travelled, the world would be a waaaaaaay better place, people would actually be thinking for themselves, not so self absorbed and controlled. Great post, inspiring too.

  30. John M. says:

    This is spot on. I recently wrote a post like this myself, but the focus was on my issues with American patriotism and the notion of “American exceptionalism.” It’s really just disguised nationalism, and I hate it.

  31. Lauren says:

    I agree with so much of what you’re saying here! I’m glad you don’t buy into society’s version of “beauty” because it really is unattainable – everything is photoshopped! I really hope there is a backlash against this at some point and people embrace how we’re supposed to look – which is a huge variety of ways. I also tend to treat alcohol as a luxury item, and I think we all need to try to pay attention more to what we eat. 🙂 Very thought-provoking post!

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Lauren – I really need to treat alcohol as a luxury item when I’m at home – it’s just so easy to have a glass of wine on the weekends!

  32. Jackie Sills-Dellegrazie says:

    I think #1 is aptly positioned at #1 on your list. We just don’t need to spend as much as we do. Period. Sure, we all succumb to buying that tempting new pair of shoes or spending too much eating/drinking out. But, I think it is a conscious choice to live within your means. You’ll have more control and freedom over your life and the hours you work. Whether you choose to travel or do something else with that time is up to you. But, it’ll likely bring you more fulfillment and, in turn, positive energy to the world.

  33. Sophie says:

    I definitely agree with the technology one. I use my phone and laptop way too much. I wish I could just switch off while i’m at home but it just doesn’t seem to work!

  34. Silvia says:

    Absolutely love this article! Agree with every single one of your points – and if I may add, I also find that just by getting to know people from other countries and other cultures we become more open-minded and understanding. That’s why I’ve always said if everybody was an expat at least once in their lives the world would be a much better place!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Ashley – I wanted to try and make the whole ‘why you should travel’ argument more relatable to day to day life. Glad you can see where I was coming from 🙂

  35. Brenda Tolentino says:

    Travel makes me appreciate my life more in general. I agree with #3 not because I’m more disciplined with eating when I travel because it’s actually quite the opposite. Most countries in the world just eat better than we do in the U.S. simply because they eat real food and not food made in a lab. That fact alone, helps me eat better.

    • Vicki says:

      Very true Brenda – I think the quality of our food in the western world is very much a contributing factor to our poor diet – everything is just so processed.

  36. Mar Pages says:

    I can relate! I enjoy being unconnected when I can, although I rely on the Internet to allow me to travel and work at the same time. I love that travel keeps me fit through a ton of walking as well, makes up for when I’m stuck in the office. Will never stop traveling!

  37. Jenna says:

    Great post! I definitely agree with you–so many wonderful points throughout the whole article. I find that we are so much healthier when we travel, too. We move and walk so much more than when we are at home. We don’t always eat healthier–we find we cook healthier than when we eat out when traveling, but we don’t necessarily eat as much when we travel, so I think it balances out pretty well. It’s nice to be abroad and not always having access to wifi–even though I’d be lost without my phone and computer, it’s great to not be connected 24/7!

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Jenna – I agree with you that when we cook at home we are generally healthy – with the exception of a creamy pasta every now and again!

  38. Jo says:

    Great article. I totally agree with the fitness part. I feel traveling makes me fit without having to go to the gym. I was in Indonesia for 11 months out of which almost 9 months, i didn’t work out at all (and I am quite a fitness nut). Guess what – When I returned I was more fit than before. How? Constant hikes to explore new places, walks to the grocery store (instead of car like I do when at home), dancing when I go out with new friends and just basically eating a lot of protein .

  39. Elizabeth (Wander Mum) says:

    Great post! Although I have to admit, I usually end up eating and drinking more when I travel… it’s sometimes harder to get into a routine and eat healthy – especially when eating out all the time. With the money thing…I think when you see people living content lives with very little money it makes you realise how superficial and pointless some of our material possessions are. I can’t believe we all check our phone so many times but it makes perfect sense!! It’s a nice treat not being connected all the time when away – and just checking my phone when I get some wifi …it definitely helps to stay more connected in the moment you are in. #mondayescapes

  40. Katharina says:

    I completely agree with everything you have written. I always say that if more people travelled, the world would be a better place. I strongly believe that travel makes you grow as a person. it takes you out of your preconceptions. travel challenges you and challenges the way you think.
    Travel also makes you healthier. You get fresh air, sunlight and exercise. So much better than being stuck inside in front of a computer. it also exercises your eyes. We focus far too much on our screens. Food can be a challenge, depending on where you go. I have had holidays where I put on weight. And holidays were I have lost a couple of pounds. But it’s not difficult to find healthy food.
    Nice write up!

    • Vicki says:

      Thank you Katharina – I agree that food can be a struggle and find i’m always better in Asian or Middle Eastern Countries because wine is so expensive that I just won’t buy it which really makes a difference for me!

  41. Cathy (MummyTravels) says:

    This is such a great post – I totally agree, travel really makes me think more about a lot of things and what’s important. Once I’d never have gone out without make -up. ..After travel, you ditch the ‘essentials’ like that pretty fast. I admit my diet isn’t always better when I’m away as I do treat myself and these days I’m more likely to save money at home to spend away but it’s easy to get sucked in to needing more clothes, more gadgets and so on. #mondayescapes

  42. Lily Travella says:

    I agree. We focus too much on image, money and technology. I will admit though, I do wear makeup while travelling. In my every day life i don’t wear it, but I know I’ll be taking a lot of photos while on the road and im not confident enough to take photos without it.

  43. Jessica {The Bohemian Diaries} says:

    I agree with all of your points! Traveling opens up your mind and takes you off auto-pilot. You are so much more aware of what you are doing, who you are with, what you are spending money and time on, etc… It really does make us more compassionate, at least, that is the optimistic view of travel. It can make us more understanding of religion, race, and all of the deeper issues, but at the very least, it makes us better people as we become more alive and engaged with our surroundings from day to day. Great post!

  44. Veronika says:

    Cool post. I agree especially with the technology part. We all are focused on having the best technology and gadgets, but then we just loose the track and in the end work all the day. Everyone expects to get responses all the time. Instead to use the time we saved to relax, it just all gets more messy.

  45. S says:

    I agree on all of them. Especially the part with the make up. I do wear make up daily, not that much but the general things. When I travel though often I forget or don’t have time and it feels really liberating. Last time I didn’t even brush my hair for 3 days, because I just gave up on fighting with the wind and just let it be messy.

  46. Jade says:

    Great post – usually I feel this topic isn’t really covered in depth, just lots of waffly sentences about finding your inner peace and whatnot!! At the end of the day we all need a healthy relationship with all of those things you mentioned, so if travelling encourages that, then so be it!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Jade! I really wanted to break it down how travel affects day to day life on a ‘basic tasks’ kind of basis and skip the waffle part!

  47. Kat says:

    Your post resonates with me – travel changes us – makes us value the more important things in our life. For example, while we like wearing new clothes, we don’t need to change our wardrobe each time a new fashion comes. I personally know of someone who is a corporate slave, earns a fat salary and has no qualms about spending $30,000 on a furniture set just because he likes it at that moment. He’s aware that he has to be a corporate slave for the next 5 years, minimum, to fund his expensive lifestyle. I guess, some people have different priorities, eh? Nah, that doesn’t resonate with me 🙂 Thanks for sharing your post, I quite enjoyed reading it. Cheers! #MondayEscapes

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Kat! I used to think that I would be happy slaving away for a fat salary and retiring young – then I went travelling! I couldn’t imagine that now, and I’m happy as long as I earn enough to fund my travels! So yep – travel has definitely changed me!

  48. Andrea @ Green and Turquoise – Travel Blog says:

    Great post, I agree with everything you have written.
    I’m definitely more fit when I travel, for the simple reason that I usually walk for miles and miles every day. Unfortunately, I am guilty of number 4. I often find myself distracted by technology – trying to get that perfect photograph, sometimes even thinking about how it’ll fit into Instagram or a blogpost.
    I think I need a digital detox or something!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Andrea – I too am guilty of thinking about Instagram when I’m taking a shot – and now I have this blog, I can’t imagine what I’ll be like on my next trip!

  49. Akid says:

    This is perfectly written, you make some awesome points however I do think that the perception that it’s only the western society that’s concerned with commercialism, celebrities and have things like racism is a bit skewed. I think the argument may be more inline with developed vs developing. When a nation is more developed they have less to worry about therefore can have the leisure of worrying about their hair etc as opposed to developing where day to day life can be hard so they look to the simpler pleasures. At the end of the day though, travelling is living more simply and thats the key to having a better life. Love this post!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Akid – I completely agree with you on the developed vs developing front – I just wanted to be careful how I worded it so it didn’t come off as ‘white privilege’ so much as a reflection on the society I live in.

  50. Jenny says:

    Great post! I can relate to all of these points, particularly the health and money points. I also feel so much more healthy when I’m on the road, eating when I feel like it rather than out of habit and being far more active day-to-day than when I’m back at home. Also, living on a lot less that an every-day lifestyle. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  51. Ting at My Travel Monkey says:

    Really great post – and I would agree with you on your points. Travel definitely teaches humility and makes you realise just how lucky you are. I know that travel has changed my life for the better – and I also think it’s a brilliant education for young children. Thanks for linking up with #MondayEscapes

  52. anna says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more on this! Such a well written honest post. I too go for what’s comfortable rather than worrying over whats in style! Travel is really THE perfect solution to most problems nowadays.

  53. Dean says:

    The more I read this Vicki, the more I thought that I could have written it. We are so similar in the way we approach things it’s almost scary.
    Especially with the money. We cut costs at home wherever possible for the simple reason that I would rather spend it travelling. We also save on transport where possible, although living in Australia means cheap airfares are never “that” cheap.
    But when we travel the purse strings are definitely loosened. You can’t put a price on a “once in a lifetime” experience.

  54. Tam Gamble says:

    I would say I am far healthy thanks to travel purely because my stress levels have decreased. Back in London I worked an 80 hour week, making money for others whilst trying to figure out what I really wanted to do. Now, I live in Italy whilst travelling around both this country and many others and can’t day I miss my old life at all.

  55. Rosemarie Driscoll says:

    Well for starters, most people nowadays are more prone to be stuck in their own rooms. The Internet offers almost everything except one thing, the experience of being in the places you see in there. Being able to travel let’s you open many possibilities you may have in you. Great article!

    • Vicki says:

      Haha! It’s something I really try to work on Anita, but I’ve got serious case of the munchies for kettle chips at the moment so I think i’m off the wagon on the healthy eating thing too!

  56. Terry Drake says:

    Thank you for this article. I might also like to express that it can often be hard if you are in school and simply starting out to create a long credit ranking. There are many students who are simply trying to make it and have long or beneficial credit history can often be a difficult point to have.

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Terry, thanks for your comment. It’s not easy to have a good credit rating, it is something you automatically have and you have to work on to improve. But it is worth it in the end.

  57. Jimmy and Tina says:

    I really like this article and agree so much with most of everything you have written. I have noticed since I left my 9 to 5 that I spend way less on frivolous things to full fill myself and don’t bother with over stuffing my closet because I simply don’t care about having the nicest outfit ect. I love my comfy clothes and often wear them several days in a row. As for makeup , I used to doll up everyday and now it’s just when I’m going out otherwise it just seems so not important anymore! Your values change when you are fullfilled with your life of travel then trying to full fill it with stuff!

  58. AlicevstheWorld says:

    I definitely agree that travel makes you value your money more. When you’re not watching the pennies it stops you slowing down and appreciating the little things, and that’s a valuable lesson to learn!

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