How I Afford To Travel.. And How To Stretch Your Money So You Can Too!

Afford Travel

It’s no secret – I love to travel – as far and for as long as possible (within the constrains of having a full time job!) – and over the years I have mastered some tips and tricks to help maximize that goal. I’m not rich. I don’t have a trust fund. My parents do not contribute to my travel fund and I have not secretly won the lottery and never told anyone. Believe me, if I had, I would be long gone – and would certainly not spouting on about how great it is to work full time and travel. For me, it’s all about making choices and assessing priorities – and I’d like to share my tips with you, in the hope they will help you travel more/better/longer. I have both saving and spending tips – the former I can guarantee you will have probably read before (they’re not rocket science! – but one is pretty clever!) but the latter – and what I consider my secret weapon – is an absolute gem! You’re intrigued aren’t you.. well read on: all will be revealed… Afford travel

How Afford Travel

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5 Reasons Why Travel is the Solution to 21st Century Society

I LOVE the world – I’m a travel blogger, so that was probably a given – but I don’t really like the (mostly western) society that’s in it.

I don’t like our obsession with celebrity, our misconceived notion of beauty, our dependence on what ever is our drug of choice – be it technology, alcohol or something more illicit, and the availability of such vices. Then there is the big stuff: racism, violence, terrorism, (and, dare I say it?!) religion. I could go on, but I’m sure everyone has their own idea’s about what is wrong with society (if they think there is anything wrong at all!) But I am a firm believer that, whatever you think is the problem with 21st Century society – travel is the solution.

Travel Solution

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Exciting Announcement…

… I am now part of the ADVENTURE IN YOU team!

Adventure In You

If you haven’t heard of Adventure in You, it’s a travel site created by Tom & Anna, two backpackers who met on the sand dunes of Vietnam whilst separately traveling the globe. United by their love of adventure – and a dorky high five every now and again – they have collectively traveled to over 58 countries.

Adeventure in YouAdventure In You

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