5 Reasons Why Travel is the Solution to 21st Century Society

I LOVE the world – I’m a travel blogger, so that was probably a given – but I don’t really like the (mostly western) society that’s in it.

I don’t like our obsession with celebrity, our misconceived notion of beauty, our dependence on what ever is our drug of choice – be it technology, alcohol or something more illicit, and the availability of such vices. Then there is the big stuff: racism, violence, terrorism, (and, dare I say it?!) religion. I could go on, but I’m sure everyone has their own idea’s about what is wrong with society (if they think there is anything wrong at all!) But I am a firm believer that, whatever you think is the problem with 21st Century society – travel is the solution.

Travel Solution

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Why I Stopped Travelling

Now that’s a statement you wouldn’t expect from a newbie travel blogger.

But I did ‘stop’ in the traditional sense – in reverse from most travellers instead of dropping/selling everything, packing a bag and heading off – I collected my things from various points around the world and planted roots. I have stayed in one place for two years, worked full time and bought a house.

Am I the travel anti-Christ? Have I given up on the dream life for materialist gain? I hope not. But I’ll let you make up your own minds. Continue Reading