How To Start A Travel Blog AND Make Money


So you’ve decided to start a travel blog – and you would like it to make money. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Sort of. I mean, I can totally help you with the starting a blog part, just scroll down for my How To Start A Travel Blog in 10 Easy Steps, and then we’ll talk about the money – because that’s why you’re here right?!

Note: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you decide to purchase any of the products or courses I recommend I get a small commission at absolutely no cost to you. This commission helps keep the site online – so thank you in advance for clicking through!

How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

How To Start A Travel Blog in 10 Easy Steps…


It’s going to be the basis of your brand and tell people about who you are. And unless you plan on revisiting these 10 steps in a couple of years when you’ve changed your mind or focus – make it a good one that you love first off. Draft names that encompass what you do or what you want to achieve and be aware that a lot of the names that include backpack, nomad or adventurous have already been claimed! Once you have decided on a name, Google it and variations of it. This will show you what competition is like and lets you check that it doesn’t look like you’ve copied anyone!
Another thing to keep in mind is how long it is (as some social media platforms have character restrictions on names) and how easy it is for people to remember. Simple, straightforward and memorable will make it easier for people to recall.


Hosting is essentially you renting a little slice of the web to display your blog on. Think of it a buying the land on which you want to build you own little empire – at a fraction of the cost!

There are lots of hosting providers out there, but to save you the effort of reviewing them all yourself – I recommend Bluehost

How to Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

They offer great value hosting, include a free domain – for when you’ve picked your awesome new blog name, they can install WordPress at the click of a button & offer 24/7 support. The 24/7 support is available for anyone in any country and totally online – so no hefty phone bills when you need to get in touch with them. (Yay!)

They also back up your site periodically – I was not aware of this in the early days and I pressed something that screwed my site. Like I seriously broke it. I contacted online support in a blind panic and within half an hour, I was all fixed up and back online. This is great to have as a back-up but don’t put all your eggs in one basket. I’ve included a back up plug in below and highly recommend you install it once online.

Ready to go? Click the green Get Started Now button.

How to Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

In the box on the left – type in your awesome new blog name and I’d recommend sticking with .com as it’s all encompassing and well recognized. Click next and you’ll be taken to the following screen:

How to Start A Travel Blog And Make MoneyHere you’ll be offered a range of options. I’d recommend sticking with the 12 month hosting plan (instead of the 24 or 36 month plans) as you don’t get a discount for the extra time – and a lot can happen in a year! Definitely keep that Domain Privacy Registration box ticked. That $0.99 per month means your physical address is secure and NOT searchable. I’m sure everyone is aware of the need to keep your personal data  secure online. Keep that box ticked & click through to purchase.

**NOTE ON THE SSL CERT – the word on the web is that google will eventually stop showing sites that do not have an SSL Certificate (which makes your website start with https:// instead of http://). SSL is important if your site is collecting payment data. As a blog, you’re only likely to want someone’s email address, and a https:// is not really necessary. As you grow and as time marches on, Google may implement a policy which requires ALL sites to have https – but until then, i’d skip the SSL Bundle. You can always add it later** Published December 2016.. Google to see what the current state of play is.


How to Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

Click the button that says install wordpress. It will ask you where you want to install – here’s where you put your brand new domain address. You’ll then be taken to a login page – which will be and you can login to WordPress and run your site from here from now on.


Its not enough that your site looks beautiful on your desktop, but it has to be pimped for mobile users too. Smartphones now account for 50% of the webs traffic and If you want to grab your slice of the pie, your website needs to be mobile responsive. If its not, you’re missing out on mobile referrals (who are generally more engaged than desktop users) as Google can penalize your site by not showing it in mobile search results if it isn’t user friendly.

Once your blog is set up, create an account through Google’s Search Console and you will be able to check if your site is mobile friendly. It was also provides hints to improve if you’re not quite tip top.

    (all are FREE & offer a 1 click install function through the plugins section inside your site – no need to download!)

Akismet – blocks pesky spam comments

BackWPup – Free Back Up Plugin that you can run manually or set to back up at regular intervals

Insert Headers and Footers – if you no nothing about code and have no intention of learning how the back-end of a website works, this nifty little plugin will make it super easy to add the Google Analytics tracking codes (Step 8)

Shareaholic – I like shareaholic as it offers a customization floating share bar, in addition to the usual sharing functions.

Sumo Me – Also has social media icons like Shareaholic, but also offers functions like a smart bar or pop-up to help build your email list

Securi Security – Free security plugin that checks for Malware, Offers Security Hardening and a general all round good guy to help in the fight against hackers.

Thank Me Later – a great little plug in that lets you autorespond to people who have left a comment and can be used as a prompt for whatever Call To Action you are focusing on at the time (Facebook Likes, email subscribers etc)

WordPress Popular Posts – Displays your most popular posts – based on your own parameters (comments/shares etc) and encourages people to click through to other posts on your site

WP Smush – Image optimization will be key in keeping your website running quickly, and although you should be optimizing image before uploading them, this will compress them further on upload.

Yoast SEO – Helps make your posts SEO friendly by identifying keywords and analysing how reader – and Google friendly – your post is.



    On Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ & Instagram (and Snapchat & YouTube if you’re a fan of those too!)


    Ask any social media marketer and they’ll tell you that your email list will be your most valuable asset. Essentially it is a list of people that want to be notified about your latest and greatest content and who are happy to hand over their precious email address to you. Newsletters are a great way to utilize your list, keep you in touch with your audience, and most importantly, get them to keep coming back to your site. Put simply, it’s Marketing Gold.


    This is the industry standard for tracking traffic. It will help you monitor your sites progress and will be important once you are pitching to companies. Set up your account and then copy and paste the tracking code into the ‘Header’ plugin we just installed.

  1. START WRITING! start travel blog make money

    Find your groove, find your style. Write about what you love, about what interests you and most importantly, have fun!

  1. READ MY SOCIAL MEDIA & SEO TIPS TO BOOST YOUR BLOGthe ultimate guide to running your site like an absolute boss & get you to the point of moneytization quickly.

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How To Start a Travel Blog And Make Money    How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money


...and Make Money

I can see why you’re drawn to the idea of travel blogging – you like travel, have been to a fair few places (and even if you haven’t!), you take some wicked photos and reckon you’d be pretty good at the writing part. And that’s great – somebody (or many somebodies – travel blogger have a stream of different incomes) may be willing to pay you for your talents. Once you have built an audience and established yourself in the industry.

Head on over to my New Travel Bloggers Social Media and SEO Tips post for help on how to do that!

I don’t mean to put a downer on anybody’s plans, or turn you off the idea. But let’s be realistic. If you were to type ‘travel blog’ in Google, a short 0.53 seconds later you’ll be faced with around 191 million results. That’s a lot of travel blogs. If the aim of your blog is to keep your family and friends up to date on your travels, this shouldn’t bother you at all as those folks will have the address and be popping back all the time to see what you’re up to. (Either grab yourself a free account or you can skip ahead to the how-to part if you want to be self-hosted and have more creative freedom). But, if you want to make money, this should be a cause for concern. Because, you see, a fair percentage of those 191 million blogs are your competition – not all of them (a fair few will be the ‘blogging for friends and family’ type I mentioned above) but at least the first 30 pages of Google are bloggers who are hoping to build a loyal audience who will use their site for all their travel needs. I know, because I am one of them.

…And with an estimated 3.2 billion web users – there is plenty of opportunity for everyone!

How To Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

.Getting Stuff For Free

First off, lets get one thing straight. Setting up a travel blog does also not automatically entitle you to “free stuff”. Companies are not going to start inundating you with press trip offers or sending you tickets to fly you all over the world just because you own a ‘travel blog.’ Why not? Because (at first!) you don’t have anything to offer them. Brands want to work with bloggers who can offer a return on their investment; who have an engaged target audience who are likely to want to buy what they are selling. Yes, you will get companies offering to send you products in exchange for a review on your site, and you are more than welcome to pitch to companies for free passes/tours whilst you build up your audience (what’s the worse they can say, no?!) But please, please, please, do not be that person that asks “how to pitch an airline for flights for 3 people for a bereavement”. (True story). The fact you are even thinking that you should be entitled to free flights (or equivalent) because you own a blog read by a few hundred people makes every blogger look bad. (and makes my blood boil).

Building an audience takes a little time and a lot of hard work, but it is totally doable. And when you get to that point, companies and brands will be more receptive to collaborating with your blog. You may be invited on fam/press trips (which sometimes include flights) and you may be able to negotiate free travel passes in return for blog posts. You may even become an ambassador for your favorite travel brands or be chosen for destination campaigns by tourism boards. But this isn’t guaranteed and it certainly won’t happen overnight.

Ways That A Blogger CAN Make Money

Your blog can open up so many doors for you – let me share with you just a few of the ways bloggers make money. And just a heads up – not all of them are through the blog directly, but the use of their blog as a showcase of their talents which can lead to other ‘real-worldy’ things 🙂

On your Blog

How to Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

This is where bloggers promote products or services and get a commission in return (at no extra cost to the reader). These can be things like the Amazon Affiliates Programs or Affiliates. And oh so many others. Well placed Affiliates can bring in a decent income where you have the traffic to support them, but be mindful of promoting too many sites at once to soon as it may look spammy and that your in it for the money.

Affiliate Marketing can be an absolute goldmine when done right. And by right, I don’t mean by stuffing a link in here and there and hoping the sales come rolling in. It’s a rich and diverse area – with so many different strategies to utilize and implement. This is the only course I highly recommend spending some money on to make sure you get it right.

Michelle @ MakingSenseofCents (and who earns serious $$$ through her blog) has an amazing Making Sense Affiliate Marketing Course – which although is pricey, is worth it’s weight in gold. Or cash. Or whatever currency you accept!


How to Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

A lot of bloggers make some of their income from Sponsored Posts. They can come from ‘influencer ‘platforms such as Cooperatize and FameBit. Or they can come direct from companies or websites that will contact you and ask you to write content (or occasionally they will provide the content) that includes a link to their site. What you can charge will depend on what your Domain Authority is and the amount of readers you have. But don’t sell yourself (and in turn, every other blogger) short. Also, try and use your judgement about whether the link/product/destination would be of interest to your readers – and don’t be afraid to say no if it isn’t!


How to Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

As simple as it sounds, you essentially become a reseller for platforms like Amazon, Ebay and Etsy. You choose what you want to sell and the best way to present it. This one will take some time to get off the ground, but can be quite lucrative once you have a steady stream of visitors that are invested in your brand and your recommendations.


Off your Blog

How to Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

A lot of bloggers supplement their blogs with freelance work, often online. This can be in a variety of areas including writing, editing, coding, marketing or being a virtual assistant – for just a few examples. Upwork is a great website for finding this kind of work, and if you’re looking for more websites like it, check out Storyv’s post about 37 Websites to Find Online Work


How to Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

If you become a whizz at social media, there is a lot of scope out there for charging for your talents. Be it for a travel brand – or social media management outside the travel industry, these skills are truly transferable. And even better – this is the type of job you could do from anywhere in the world.

You could also sell your services as a social media consultant and get paid to give advice rather than for a set hourly rate. (Ideal job anyone?!)


How to Start A Travel Blog And Make Money

If you have a background in a particular skill that you could market to the masses, creating and selling e-courses or e-books could be a great source for additional income.

These are just a few ways that bloggers can make money – but if you are looking for an all-in-one guide, complete with step-by-step guides and resources, Sharon Gourlay’s book is the best resource on the market:

Make Money Blogging - Sharon Gourlay


And there you have it – my 10 easy steps to start a travel blog AND (a few tips!) about How to Make Money! 🙂
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How Start Travel Blog Make Money Travel Blog 10 Easy Steps   How Start Travel Blog Make Money Travel Blog 10 Easy Steps

How Start Travel Blog Make Money Travel Blog 10 Easy Steps How Start Travel Blog Make Money Travel Blog 10 Easy Steps How Start Travel Blog Make Money Travel Blog 10 Easy Steps How Start Travel Blog Make Money Travel Blog 10 Easy Steps How Start Travel Blog Make Money Travel Blog 10 Easy Steps

How Start Travel Blog Make Money Travel Blog 10 Easy Steps