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Blogging Tips

This is my blogging resource page – and honestly, it is is not one I ever wanted to create. But a few weeks back I had an email from a fellow blogger who asked me for tips and feedback on their website. I’ll admit it took me a while to get back to them, but when I did I did a full critique and wrote 1500 words by way of reply including tips and tricks and ways they could improve.

4 weeks later.. radio silence. No acknowledgement, no thank you. Zip. I felt it was a bit ungrateful – and that I was a little naive in not considering that I had probably been sent a generic email that had gone to several other bloggers looking for tips. And I had taken the time to reply.

I decided that that person should not be the only one to benefit from the information I shared when other bloggers could not. So I shared my  email response  – in full – in a blogger group on Facebook. I got the most overwhelming feedback that I decided to beef it up as the ultimate resource for new (and established) travel bloggers to help navigate the SEO and Social Media rabbit hole.  (On a side note – that person did get back to me after a few more weeks – but by this point I had already started the mammoth task of putting the Social Media & SEO Guide together – so if you find this section useful – they are to thank for giving me the push to create it!)

In the hope of making this more of a resource section, I have also created a post on “How To Start A Travel Blog AND Make Money”. It contains some words of warning about expectations and a couple of things that really annoy me about the industry. But if you can get past that – My Easy 10 Step Guide to Starting a Travel Blog with have you set you up in no time and SEO and Social Media Guide is the next step you need.

So whatever you’re blogging level – I hope there is something here that can help you.