Best Places To Eat in Victoria Falls

the Best Places to eat in Victoria Falls

If you’re reading this post then I am super excited because you’re either (a) in Victoria Falls or (b) planning a trip to Victoria Falls. Both of which are cause for some serious excitement because Victoria Falls is one of my favorite spots in Africa – and it has an amazing selection of restaurants when you consider the relatively small size of the town! Read on for the Top Restaurants in Victoria Falls!

Top Restaurants Victoria Falls; Best Places to eat in Victoria Falls

The Best Places to eat in Victoria Falls

Heading to Africa you may have thought dining options were limited – but that is not the case in Victoria Falls. Whether you’re a meat lover, fussy eater or vegetarian, let me show you around the best places for a bite to eat in the heart of Africa. Best places to eat in Victoria Falls


1. Shearwater Cafe Top Restaurants Victoria Falls

Best Places To Eat In Victoria Falls; Top Restaurants Victoria Falls

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Conveniently located in the center of town, at the intersection just before the railway line, Shearwater Cafe brings a sophisticated vibe that you would expect of a cafe in any cosmopolitan city. With Burgers, Wraps, Salads, Pasta’s & Pizzas, you’ll be spolit for choice for western style meals, with reasonably priced cocktails, wines and beers. Serving breakfast & coffee from 8am til late and offering free wifi, it’s large outside terrace is a great place for a meal at any time of the day.


2. Mama Africa best places to eat in Victoria Falls

Best Places To Eat In Victoria Falls; Top Restaurants Victoria Falls

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A long established town favorite (located just behind the main shopping strip opposite the train line) – I had heard all about Mama Africa years before I was able to visit! Specializing in traditional dishes from all over Africa, you’ll find hearty stews, hotpots and game meats served with an accompaniment of live African music each night. There is no rush at Mama Africa, meals are prepared from scratch and enjoyed slowly – and this may be your first introduction to ‘Africa Time’. And I couldn’t think of a better introduction!

p.s. for the meat-eaters out there, the Kudu hotpot is amazing!


3. Lookout Cafe best places to eat in Victoria falls

Best Places To Eat In Victoria Falls; Top Restaurants

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The Lookout Cafe is a little walk out of the center of town and sits 120m above the Batoka Gorge, with a view of Victoria Falls Bridge. Boasting one of the best views of the mighty Zambezi – and the starting point for all Wild Horizons activities – it serves coffee, drinks and snacks throughout the day until sunset. If you’re planning on taking part in an adrenaline activity – a stiff drink might be just what you need – either before or after!

Want to know more about the activities on offer? Head on over to my post all about the Incredible Things To Do in Victoria Falls


4. Zambezi Explorer

Top Restaurants Victoria Falls; Best Places To Eat Victoria Falls

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For something a little different, look no further than the Zambezi Explorer – one of my favorite activities in Victoria Falls. Whereas we opted for a sunset cruise with cocktails and hors d’ oeuvres as part of my Top 9 Adventure Activities in Victoria Falls – don’t think your options are limited to just that. The Zambezi Explorer offers delectable dining options throughout the day from breakfast through to dinner and any meal on the water is guaranteed to be a highlight of your stay.


5. Rainforest Cafe 

Best Places To Eat in Victoria Falls; Top Restaurants Victoria FallsThis photo of The Rainforest Cafe is courtesy of TripAdvisor

The Rainforest Cafe’s sister venue is Shearwater Cafe, and is the only restaurant located inside Victoria Falls National Park. Offering the same menu as as at Shearwater Cafe (minus the pizza) it offers great food at reasonable prices in a beautiful surrounding. Just watch out for the baboons – they can be the epitome of the phrase ‘cheeky monkeys’!


6. Carnivore Restaurant (& Lola’s Tapas)

Best Places to Eat in Victoria Falls; Top Restaurants
This photo of Lola’s Tapas and Carnivore Restaurant is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Located smack bang in the center of Victoria Falls town, Lola’s Tapas and Carnivore offers a mix of Mediterranean and African cuisines. With meals ranging from light bites to huge main meals – Carnivore’s biggest draw is it’s wide selection of game meats. From Crocodile to Eland and a lot in between, those wanting to get a real ‘taste of Africa’ are in heaven here. My tip – don’t google the animal you’re about to eat. They are all just so beautiful that you might change your mind!

Note: Vegetarians have a couple of options here; but the restaurant is not suitable for vegans (although we did try!)


And on the Zambian Side Top Restaurants

Even if you are only in Zambia for a day – this is the only place I would recommend.

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7. The Royal Livingstone Hotel

Best Places To Eat In Victoria Falls; Top Restaurants Victoria Falls

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Easily one of the Top Restaurants in Victoria Falls and the ultimate in African luxury. The Royal Livingstone is simply magnificent. Beautiful lodge, decadent dining room – and best of all – it is open to the public for lunch without reservations! When crossing the border, it’s the first hotel you come to when walking along the road towards Livingstone town. It offers a perfectly crafted 5* menu, befitting of its 5* surroundings. Head here for a touch of class in the heart of Africa. Slightly more expensive than the other options recommended (But nothing compared to western 5* prices), it is totally worth it.


Hopefully you enjoyed my run down of the best places to eat in Victoria Falls. Lucky for you they also happen to be some of the Top Restaurants in Victoria Falls! I hope there is something here to tickle your taste buds. And if you like it, don’t forget to pin it for later!

Top Restaurants Victoria Falls - Best Places To Eat In Victoria Falls Best Places To Eat in Victoria Falls - Top Restaurants Victoria Falls

Best Places To Eat In Victoria Falls - Top Restaurants Victoria Falls








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  1. Sab says:

    The LookOut Cafe has a stunning view, I wouldn’t mind sitting there with a cold drink. Thanks for sharing, such a great list of fabulous restaurants.

  2. Megan Indoe says:

    Those views! Especially at the Lookout cafe and the Zambezi Explorer! I really want to visit Victoria Falls and plan it around the time of year where you can look over the edge from the top! When we do I will come back to this post as my guide for food!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Megan! I think around July-August are your best bets for hanging over the Falls at Devil’s Pool – and whilst you’re on that side, make sure you have lunch at the Royal Livingstone – it’s a wonderful restaurant!

  3. Angela says:

    I never would have guessed there were so many amazing restaurants in Victoria Falls. I’ve always wanted to go for the views, but now I guess it’s for food too! Thanks for sharing!

    • Vicki says:

      The Lookout Cafe is a great spot for sundowner cocktails Jessica – great choice! And thanks for forwarded to your friend – I hope she finds it useful 🙂

  4. Lori says:

    Victoria Falls is on my list of places I want to visit! So this article comes in handy 😉 Mama Africa looks simply amazing – so do the two cafes you’ve mentioned. I’d definitely try Lookout Cafe for the view alone!

  5. Karla says:

    This has been one of my bucketlist destinations. Perhaps, I will someday go for a romantic getaway. I love everything about it. I also want to do Devil’s Edge

  6. Natalie says:

    This post has me adding Victoria Falls to my list of places I need to see. What wonderful spots you have found though some of those menu items are sure …….unusual???! Are the kiddos welcome? Would you consider Victoria Falls a great place for families?

  7. Tina and Jimmy says:

    The lookout cafe would be my favorite I think! I can just imagine sitting there with the beautiful scenery, have a glass of wine while the sun set! Of all the articles I’ve read about Victoria Falls which is on my list in next two years, your the first to cover where to eat. Thank you!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks you guys! Eating was one thing I struggled to research before going (further than the usual trip advisor table) – so I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂

  8. Munchkin Treks says:

    All of these restaurants look amazing. My favorite one is the Lookout Cafe with the view of the Batoka Gorge. I’ve never been to Victoria Falls, but I’d really like to go someday. It’s nice to know that there are a lot of good places to eat there.

  9. Cristina says:

    This is an amazing list! I love the pictures and would really love to enjoy some food with the lovely vistas from Lookout Cafe! I also think Mama Africa would give me a great opportunity to experience African culture, music and gastronomy!

  10. Emily says:

    Wow – the Zambezi Explorer and the Livingstone Hotel looks particularly amazing. A place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time. Good to know there are veggie options – I wouldn’t have thought that there were many. My husband would love to try all the game on offer at the Carnivore restaurant though!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Arnav – a pint is certainly on the table but your snack might have to be more like a crocodile skewer than Chicken wings!

  11. Jenna says:

    So great to hear there are so many wonderful restaurants in the area! I always love exploring the food scene of a new destination. These all look great, especially Zambezi Explorer–I love that it’s more than a meal and the scenery sounds amazing too 🙂 I hope to visit Victoria Falls sometime soon!

  12. Punita Malhotra says:

    What a lovely post! I think its really very helpful to have tips on good restaurants in a foreign country. Some of these have such perfect views too, wow! Not sure if I would focus on the view or the food 🙂 Making a note of these for future reference.

  13. Nadine Smith says:

    Wow! Those are definitely beautiful places to dine, especially Zambezi Explorer and Lookout Cafe! Nothing beats dining with a view. Sometimes, I even go to a restaurant mainly for the view!

  14. Sophie Nadeau says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Victoria falls as it looks SO beautiful. Once there, I guess I’ve never telly considered all the practicalities of staying like where to eat etc! I really enjoyed reading this guide. The lookout cafe looks like the perfect place to have drinks!

  15. OmniyaFareed Shafik says:

    It’s awesome that there are many great places to eat in this area! I will definitely be checking them out when I visit Victoria! The lookout cafe seems like my type of place, especially after a full day of sightseeing!

  16. Shobha says:

    That’s a lot of choices! I’m one of those people who thought there wouldn’t be much choice or much to do at Victoria Falls. Thanks for opening my eyes!

  17. Shannon Doyle says:

    I’m pretty sure my fear of heights would kick in but the Lookout Cafe looks like the kind of place I would go to every day. Maybe I could alternate between there and the Royal Livingstone Hotel to give my poor heart a break.

  18. Lisa says:

    The views look stunning and the cafe’s look very inviting. Looks like there is plenty to choose from. Hope to visit one day ,will definitely pin this for future visit.

  19. Allison says:

    You have seriously outdone yourself here. What an amazing list. I wish I was planning a trip to Victoria Falls just for the food. A cocktail in Shearwater Cafe, some slow cooked food at Mama Africa and a cruise on the Zambezi Exolorer would all be at the top of my list.

  20. Lauren says:

    Thanks for sharing! I feel like I might be able to find something vegan at some of these places (maybe not the Carnivore one!), hopefully! Interesting meals though!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Lauren! I think you’re ok for vegan food at everywhere else apart from Carnivore. Carnivore is definitely not Vegan friendly – but we did try!

  21. Christina says:

    It’s good to know there are so many nice places to dine in Victoria Falls. Some of those views are amazing. Who cares about the food when you have views like that!

  22. Vyjay says:

    The Victoria Falls is such an awesome sight. On top of that, these restaurants add to the allure. They all look like fitting restaurants to grace the proximity of the majestic falls. It would be an out of the world experience to relax in one of these restaurants and eat while having a wonderful view of the falls.

  23. MeredithL says:

    The Royal Livingston looks like a great place to spend any day ending in “Y” sipping a nice cup of Kenya AA coffee and just enjoying the surroundings.

    How busy do they get?

    • Vicki says:

      I totally agree Meredith! When we were there we were actually the only people dining! So I think you’re a safe bet for seats at any time!

  24. Priya says:

    Visiting Victoria falls is on our bucketlist. Cocktails at the Lookout cafe has been added to our wishlist when we are in the area. Each place looks amazing.

  25. Sia says:

    You’ve found some really nice places! The Lookout cafe would be my choice. Such a stunning view to enjoy a drink with. I could almost imagine the sunset there, magical! But then again, probably the view from every angle is great at the Victoria falls.

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