DIY Mekong Delta Tour from Ho Chi Minh: 48 Hours in Can Tho

Can Tho (Vietnamese: Cần Thơ) is the biggest city of the Mekong Delta, and is famous for its floating markets, Buddhist pagodas, delicious food, fresh fruits and the natural beauty of the Mekong delta. Only 170km from the bustling and chaotic commercial center of Saigon, a visit to Can Tho will certainly give you that feeling of an off the beaten path adventure in Vietnam. Read on to find out how to organize your own Mekong Delta Tour featuring information about how to get from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho plus where you should stay and the Top Things to do in Can Tho when you get there!

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

DIY Mekong Delta Tour from Ho Chi Minh to can Tho

– and the top things to do when you get there!

A Guest Post by Melissa from Thrifty Family Travels

A fantastic area to explore the exotic Mekong Delta is from the Vietnamese city of Can Tho. Whilst the city of Can Tho itself is a busy, modern metropolis, a few kilometres out of town you will find the local village life of the Mekong Delta. Whilst you could easily spend a week slowly exploring the waterways and narrow laneways of the Mekong Delta, you can still see the main attractions in 48 hours. The best way to experience the area is by staying out of the city and stay at a local homestay right on the Mekong Delta itself.


How To Get from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho

As Can Tho is a regional hub, there are plenty of buses available to get you from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho. They depart every 1-2 hours from the Western Bus Station (Bến Xe Miền Tây) in Ho Chi Minh City with prices between US$7-13. Often your ticket price includes a bottle of water, sometimes a snack – and on the bigger buses – air-con! There are three main operators servicing routes from Ho Chi Minh City to Can Tho – “Thanh Buoi”, “Phuong Trang” and “Mailinh”

Thanh Buoi provides the fastest service from Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho as the bus only stops for a 10 minutes on the way, with the ride taking around 3 hours.  Your ticket price also includes a shuttle bus to take you to your hotel in Central Can Tho on arrival – so make sure you have the address ready!

Alternatively, Phuong Trang (also known as FUTA Bus Lines) has the largest number of services to Can Tho daily, although this journey takes closer to 4 hours due to a 30 minute rest-stop. The cost of this ticket also includes a shuttle bus to your accommodation in Central Can Tho on arrival.

If you would prefer a little more privacy, a private taxi (for 2-3 people plus bags) will set you back between $100-150 one way (dependent on how good a negotiator you are!). And if you’re feeling particularly flush, you can hire a private speedboat or jump on a plane! These latter two options are pretty expensive – and not all that good for the environment. Our advice – do as the locals do and take the bus! (Although the airport does provide opportunities to fly to Danang and Hanoi, if you are planning to explore Vietnam further)


Where to Stay in Can Tho: The Nguyen Shack

Have a fully immersive experience on your Mekong Delta Tour and stay at The Nguyen Shack. It provides accommodation in private rustic bungalows with balconies overlooking the Ong Tim River complete with hammocks for the ultimate relaxation.

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

Whilst the rooms appear basic they are full of all the modern necessities like wi-fi, fridge and fans.  Drinking water and a variety snacks are provided free of charge

Bungalows start at $49 US per night for 2 adults and 1 child under the age of 10 years. The price includes a delicious breakfast served in the dining area.

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

There are not any local places to eat, so you will need to have all your meals at the Nguyen Shack or take a taxi into town. The Nguyen Shack does provide delicious and cheap meals.

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

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Activities around the Nguyen Shack

It is recommended that you allow some time to chill out and relax on your private bungalow deck. Grab some drinks, sit back and take in the natural beauty of the Mekong Delta.

If you need something more to do, the Nguyen Shack also does offer cooking classes each day from 1-3pm for the cost of $12 US per person and can also arrange massages in your bungalow.

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do


Top Things To Do In Can Tho

Can Tho Food Tour – things to do in can tho

The great thing about staying on the waterways of the Mekong Delta is that the ideal mode of transport to get anywhere is by boat. So this tour starts with a 90-minute boat ride through the villages along the Mekong Delta. This is a fantastic introduction to the area.

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

You will see the various shanty type houses built over the water which appear to be falling apart, women cleaning clothes and preparing vegetables on the water edges, men repairing their homes and kids and dogs swimming. You will pass various boats stacked high with produce from the local farms, as well people returning home from work or school for the day.

It is certainly an experience getting a glimpse into these people’s private lives.

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

Once you arrive in the city of Can Tho itself you will be shocked at the complete contrast of this modern city compared to the basic village life on the waterways.

The food tour includes various stops around Can Tho at modern restaurants and street stalls. You will get the opportunity to try local cuisines like snake, crocodile, rat and frog, as well as food like beef stew and pork roll

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

Food tours run daily from 4.30pm to 9.30pm and cost $20 US per person.


Floating & Land Markets things to do in can tho

Most people come to the area of Can Tho to visit the famous Cai Rang floating markets, the biggest floating markets in the Mekong Delta. Guests of the Nguyen Shack can join a tour which takes you not only to the Cai Rang floating markets but also to the perhaps more interesting Cai Rang land markets.

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

This tour commences before sunrise and guests are transported by boat to the floating markets. The ride to the markets takes around 40 minutes and during that time you get the opportunity to witness the sunrise over the Mekong Delta.

Once you arrive at the floating markets you will see large boats piled high with fruits and vegetables and smaller boats pulled alongside them whilst men and women manually put their purchases into their boats.

You will be amazed at the ladies operating the small boats whizzing by selling coffee and baguettes to locals and tourists.  There are even ladies cooking pho right there on their tiny boats, like little mobile cafes.

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

After visiting the floating markets guests are transported to the Cai Rang land markets. These markets are an eye opener for westerners and you are likely to see some crazy things like skinned and headless frogs in a large shallow bowl which were actually still jumping!!!

Of course, the markets sell all the usual things you would expect from an Asian market like eggs, fruit, vegetables, clothes, homeware, fish and crabs.  Seriously every food imaginable was sold at this market.

You will have the opportunity to try some local foods like sticky rice cake and Vietnamese donuts.

Tours run daily from 5.30 am to 8am and cost $10 US per person.


Bike Village Tour Mekong Delta Tour

Its highly recommended that as well as exploring the Mekong Delta’s waterways that you also explore its local laneways. The Nguyen Shack take its guests through the local villages by bicycle.

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

It’s a beautiful tour as you pedal through a canopy of large lush trees, with the Mekong Delta waterways on one side and small village houses on the other. You will be continually greeted by local people calling out “xin chao” (hello in Vietnamese) and local kids putting out their hands for hi 5s.

Along the way, you will make stops and learn about local life at places like the pottery factory, rice wine factory, pagoda, rice distribution centre, Chinese doctor, local primary school and blacksmith.

A favourite by many Nguyen Shack guests is the visit to the pagoda. The pagoda is run by female monks and other local volunteers and is also the home of 6 orphans. Unfortunately, in Vietnam it is  not socially acceptable that unmarried women have children and so this pressure from society makes young women abandon their babies because the shame it brings on them and their families.  The Nguyen Shack helps these orphans by paying for their school fees and food.

Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

Bicycle tours run daily from 9 am and return around 12pm. The cost is $8 US per person.

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Where to Stay in Can Tho – Hotels in the Center

If staying a little bit out of the action isn’t something that you think you would like on your Mekong Delta Tour, we have provided out top three recommendations which are more central to Can Tho center, one each in each of our usual accommodation categories: Luxury, Mid-Range and Budget.

Victoria Can Tho Resort - 4* Luxury Stay ($100+ per night)

Vietnamese Luxury at its best, this resort has beautiful rooms, beautiful grounds, amazing food and massage facilities.
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Anh Dao Mekong Hotel - 3* Mid-Range Stay ($30-70 per night)

Anh Dao Mekong Hotel offers 3-star accommodation in Can Tho. The various facilities this modern hotel has to offer include a rooftop terrace, dining options and a an on-site bar.
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Spring Hotel - Budget Stay (<$30 per night)

Basic and functional, the Spring Hotel is a great budget options in Can Tho where room service and a coffee bar are standard!
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So there you have it! We hope we have shown you that a Do-It-Yourself Mekong Delta Tour is entirely possible – and that Can Tho is the perfect spot to get off the beaten path in Vietnam. And with our recommendations of Where to Stay and The Top Things To Do in Can Tho – we’re sure you’re going to have a great time!

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Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do    Mekong Delta Tour - Ho Chi Minh to Can Tho Things To Do

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  1. Rhiannon says:

    The Mekong Delta was featured on a TV show I was watching a while back about an Australian-Vietnamese man who was trying to track down his family tree. It was super interesting to watch!
    The Nguyen Shack looks like the perfect place to stay, and $49 a night is SO reasonable!
    I’ll be visiting a friend in HCMC next year and have been keeping an eye out for things to do and places to go just outside of the city, so will definitely have to pop along to Can Tho and the Mekong Delta! Although I’ll definitely go by bus – no private planes or speedboats for me!

    • Vicki says:

      I’m sure you’ll have a great time in HCMC – it’s such a bustling place, and Can Tho would be a nice contrast. I hope you have a great trip!

  2. Chloe says:

    The floating market and bike tour both sound great! And I would love to take one of the cooking classes- I love Vietnamese food! Also, ADORE the photo of the little girl in the red top. Looks like an incredible and relaxing place to visit.

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    A few of my friends have come back from Vietnam and loved it. I am always amazed, through these blogs, at how truly big the world is. All of these littles place you could never have dreamed existed.

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    First if all, thank you for mentioning that Can Tho is in Vietnam, it saved me from searching in Google. This is really a good DIY itinerary in Vietnam. And I’ll be saving this in my bucket list! I’m planning to go to Vietnam and this is a great help that you introduced another place to visit there.

  5. carlinn meyer says:

    What an interesting place with so much to do! The accommodation looks absolutely great for the price, I love hammocks so I would definitely spend some time there. I also love that there are loads of things you can do that has food involved haha. It looks amazing.

  6. Sara Essop says:

    The Mekong Delta looks so beautiful and peaceful – like another world. I’ve been to the floating markets near Bangkok and I really enjoyed the unique experience. I’d love to visit these too.

  7. stephanie says:

    I was in Vietnam in 2015 and sadly had no time to visit the Mekong Delta, which I still regret today.
    Hopefully I can g back someday and visit it, because it looks very interesting!

  8. Ivy says:

    We’ve only visited Hanoi- will have to add HCMC to our list next time to do the Mekong Delta tour! I don’t mind the simplicity of your accommodation of choice as long as it has all the necessities and is clean. I like how how you can really immerse yourself in the local culture with this itinerary (and food!!).

  9. Ticking the Bucketlist says:

    I just got back from the Mekong Delta last week..and your pictures want me to go back there again. I never knew that I could have stayed there…I thought it was only a day trip. Will plan spending a night next time I am there.
    The food looks lovely…isnt it awesome how simple stuff tastes to delightful there!

  10. Dave says:

    Such an interesting place to visit. I am a fan of the outdoor markets and fresh fruits. I would also love to do a bicycle tour around town.

  11. Barb says:

    This looks like a very authentic place to visit. I would love to try the cooking class. Those fruits look awesome too! They make me miss south-east asia

  12. Sandy N Vyjay says:

    The Mekong Delta tour looks really very interesting. What I like about this tour is that it takes you pretty close to the places that you are traveling through and enables you to get an immersive experience of the culture and the people. The beautiful countryside of Vietnam is another great source of eye candy.

  13. Lauren says:

    I’d really love to check out the floating markets. The bike tour also looks amazing. This is really a whole other part of the world I’ve never explored and I’m always in awe. Someday I’ll get there! 🙂

  14. Megan Jerrard says:

    Thanks for the info Vicki 🙂 Vietnam is high on my travel priority list, and I would love to organize a tour of the Mekong Delta, though as a very independent traveler I’m all for doing as much as possible by myself, so I love that you can organize this DIY.

    Have always wanted to visit a floating market, and I love the sound of a bike village tour – sounds like there’s quite a lot to do in Can Tho and a lot of culture to immerse yourself in!

    • Vicki says:

      Thanks Meg – Vietnam has great pubic transport throughout the country, with both trains and buses servicing most areas which makes it a dream for independent travelers. I hope you get to visit and explore for yourself soon!

  15. Jenny Swan says:

    What a nice place! I must confess I had never been in Vietnam, but the whole area seems so peaceful. I might consider visiting this place soon.

  16. Allie says:

    All of this sounds great! I will be doing my own tour in just a few weeks, and this self made one looks better than most organized ones I have found. Questions; The food tour, floating markets tour, etc..where would we go to actually attend them? just ask what ever hotel we are staying at? or is this organized only through the hotels that you suggested? Thanks 🙂

    • Vicki says:

      Hi Aliie
      Re the tours, I would think that most hotels would have either a tour desk, or someone they send you for tours. The hotels I mention definitely do, but there are lots of ‘travel shops/tour desks’ where you can book onto them. I hope you have a great time!

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