… I am now part of the ADVENTURE IN YOU team!

Adventure In You

If you haven’t heard of Adventure in You, it’s a travel site created by Tom & Anna, two backpackers who met on the sand dunes of Vietnam whilst separately traveling the globe. United by their love of adventure – and a dorky high five every now and again – they have collectively traveled to over 58 countries.

Adeventure in YouAdventure In You


Adventure In You focuses – as you can probably guess from the title – on Adventures. From skydiving and bungee jumping, to scuba diving and jungle trekking (and pretty much everything in between) you will find detailed reviews along with the necessary how-to’s in case you are inspired to do it yourself. (Which is the aim!)

Each review is written by their amazing team of adrenalin-junkie staff writers – which now, I am super excited to say – includes me!

If you have been following this baby blog from it’s beginnings just 3 short months ago, you may have noticed a bit of an Adventure theme – Paragliding off a Mountain in Courcheval, France, Bungee Jumping off the Auckland Harbour Bridge in NZ and Wreck Diving in Bali to name a few – and it is for this reason that I thought I might be a pretty good fit for the Adventure In You Team.

Suffice to say I am more than a little bit excited that they agree!

I have known for a couple of weeks that the interviewing and selection process (they’re pretty picky you know?!) had all gone well – but today is the day it has been made web-official. My face and bio are live on the site!

Vicki Adventure In You

I will now be writing for Adventure in You at a minimum of once a month and hope that my involvement with them will not only help my little blog along, but introduce me to a world of people who share my passion for adventure. (And I get to do super cool stuff too!!)

Psst: my first review has been posted and is about Scuba Diving in Open Water with Bull Sharks. That’s right. Sharks + No Cage =  One Amazing Adventure! (I really wanted to up the Adrenalin for my first post!)

Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far & I hope you will all stick around to hear all about it!

Adventure In You

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