How I Travel

I thought it would be a good idea to provide you with a summary of exactly how I travel to give you a better understanding of what this blog is all about.


Ultimately I travel for the experiences, the must-do’s and the not to be missed in each destination. This requires hours of research on my part prior to departure and at least a rough idea of how I’m going to accomplish everything I want to in the given time frame. Much of this research is months before  booking a trip to ensure I allocate enough time in each location. This allows me to stick by my philosophy of never visiting the same place twice. It’s a philosophy I try to stick to because there is so much of the world to see.. and lets face it, flights are not always cheap. This mantra was only reinforced when I moved to Australia and realised just how far away it is from anywhere else in the world.

I by no means claim to have done everything that each destination has to offer, but I have done (almost!) everything that was of interest to me, and will hopefully be of interest to you.

Level of Comfort

I’m a middle of the road kind of girl when it comes to accommodation. Apart from camping across the USA, when booking accommodation I look for small hotels (around 2/3 star mark), in great locations – by which I mean it is easy to walk to the main areas of interest (and we are not scared of walking so I don’t always mean in the center of town!), and almost certainly have an en suite. We have found some great hotels and apartments across the world and when travelling as a couple, they are often cheaper (and nicer) than hostels. I acknowledge that sometime a hostel has been our best/only option (think a fully booked Rio De Janeiro 3 days prior to Carnival) and on our earlier trips we stayed in double rooms in hostels both with and without an ensuite depending on the situation and the number of nights we were staying.

Food & Dining

I try to eat like the locals wherever we go – be it a combination of street vendors and small cafes/restaurants throughout Asia, mid-range restaurants in Europe, or steakhouses in South America. I dedicate part of our budget for each trip to food and ensure it is enough that we eat well and that we really experience the food and flavours on offer. It is very rare for us to dine at a high priced restaurant whilst we are away – unless it is for a special occasion – and genuinely believe that you get the best of the what a place has to offer by eating how the locals do.


My whirlwind style of travel – spending only a few days in each location – may not be for everyone. This is definitely not a blog about meandering through a country to learn a different way of life – but I wanted to show that you can work full time and with thought and planning (or just a quick skim read of this blog!) can get everything you want to out of a destination in whatever time you have there.

I hope the city guides provide you with a base to build your own trips from and ultimately inspire you to maketimetoseetheworld.

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